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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A prayer for Susan

My dear friend
please surround her with loving arms
invisible and yet
feeling your presence

Give to her more than you would me
give her so much more
stop her ache
dry her tears

Annointed one of everything good
I trust your way
help my friend today
and through tomorrows...


  1. May 'good thoughts' be returned tenfold to you :)

  2. Very beautiful poem Dixie. It is easy to tell that your writing always comes from the right place.

    I have been away from this world for some time and wanted to say hi. I miss the peaceful interactions that are far removed from the world I am living in at the moment. It has been quite the experience but one that leaves little energy and time for much else.

    Take care my friend and I wish you warm sunny days filled with joy and delight.


  3. Hi Roger,

    Ironically I visited your blog and read several articles. It gave me a nice boost for the day. So I might thank you for 'a prayer for Susan'.

    There are 24 hours in every day. Would you be satisfied with the first five minutes going towards meditation? If yes, then you might feel better. If no, then move!

    Thank you for dropping by, Roger.

    In peace, Dixie


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