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Friday, June 4, 2010

Monsters in the ocean

In the ocean
Where the monsters bleed
In the gorgeous depths
Where everyone can feed
Life is fast approaching panic
But the companies are having fun
There’s money if they wait
More money, if they’re late
Fixing the monsters


  1. Dear Dixie,
    I believe this can be very much subject to interpretation. Somehow, I believe it is very much topical.
    I shall admire the beautiful photograph and hope it stays that way.
    Wishing for a greener planet, Gary x

  2. The news media keep asking, "Why is it taking so long to fix the oil spill situation?" Ironically they answer their own inquiry, a moment later, with the following remark: "The oil spill will definitely result in increased prices for the United States."

    Thank you, Gary. "Greener" sounds good to me. x

  3. Dear dc,
    This is just a quick comment to apologise for not commenting in a while.
    So, I hope you're well and I'm glad that you have continued blogging.
    As for the oil spill, not only will it result in higher prices, it has also made something of a dent in the so-called "special relationship" between Britain and America.
    I hope our own "special blogging relationship", however, will continue.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Hi David,
    Forgive me; I'm just a bit 'burnt out' on writing. Oops, strike that! I'm focused on other things going on.
    David, BP is just one company in a whole hosts of companies that make mistakes. With this particuar mistake there are at least two other companies involved. Add US federal regulators and it's Saturday night live! A lot of back-slapping and laughter until they got caught.
    I think what might disturb me is this: will anyone really make things 'proper' again? I mean, how do we apologise to the ocean for giving us it's best for us to trample upon? Would Florida please tell the whales and dolphins to pass the word to swim further away from humans; we're dangerous!

    David, you're a very kind soul and I'm always glad to hear from you. The only dent is in my brain, and causes me to answer very strangely at times. (haha?) Yet you've been tolerant as so many others have too, and that means 'special' to me. ~And I think you may have just inspired my next blog. We'll see.
    In kindness and peace,


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