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Sunday, May 16, 2010

two rolls please

I step lightly, going forward, into my path; is this the way I'm supposed to walk? For now I think so. I think I need to move easy through what appears to be a maze or picture puzzle.

When I realized I had started another seven year cycle of age, I knew there would be changes. There always are things that I let go of, and things that I obtain. So it's not surprising that I rediscovered something from a long time ago.

I bought two rolls of bubble wrap. Here's to making it through this next seven year age.


  1. Dear Dixie,
    There are time when rediscovering something from the past can be quite fun.
    I love to pop bubble wrap. It reminds me of the cracking noise you hear when the fire is lit.
    Here's to your next seven years.
    In peace and kindness, Gary x

  2. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for visiting. I like the large size bubble wrap. They didn't make it when I was a child. Hmm? There might not have been any bubble wrap back then... in the dark ages, LOL.
    Any way, dancing has taken on new meaning. I find I'm into the hip hop pop!

    "Cracking noise you hear when a fire is lit." Oh yes; I can imagine that too. Thank you. Well, I'd better pop a long.
    Kind, sincere wishes for you, Dixie x


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