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Friday, February 26, 2010

My favorite sport

I’ve never thought to be in the Olympics. There was no sport that captured my focus. I did, however, feel an urge to tell them their uniforms looked awful. Must we really stay with that ‘red, white, and blue’ scheme?(theme)

Such a struggle to find my way through all the sports; was there anything I could do? I heard the announcer say: “Hey, now we’re cooking!” So I got a box of cake mix and knew that was close enough for me; mixed it up, carefully reading the results to look for.

“You will know your cake is ready when it springs back to the touch. To check for doneness, stick a toothpick halfway into the center of each layer. When it comes out clean, your cake layer is done.” So there it was… my challenge and how to obtain the gold. I burnt my hand, accidentally pricked my hand, and gave myself a hand, for the layer not going flat.

Next came the icing. It was great; I simply opened this little can and spread it over each layer. I’m not sure what they meant about ‘tempering’ the chocolate at the top, but my own temper was getting hotter by the minute, so I skipped that step. It tasted good to me. So I moved on to my next event… curling.

I took out a nice clean plate, accompanied it with a lovely fork. Making my way to my family room, I ‘curled’ up onto the sofa to watch the Olympics! Isn’t life grand?


  1. Hi! I popped over from Mattie's ... I am still smiling at your photo and commentary about your "favorite sport." What a fun and clever post~
    I also enjoyed your previous post ~ Vancouver Can You Hear Me?

    I can't get enough of the Olympics... staying up way toooo late, enjoying the sites of Vancouver and the incredible strength of the athletes.

    *Very nice to stop here*

  2. Dixie,

    There is always a price for perfection. So that burn was your badge of courage, the evidence of your tenacity and endurance, the proof of your ability in 'olympic proportions'.(smile) Seriously, that cake looks delicious! You are definitely a gold medal winner!

    I loved this! And, yes, life is grand, my friend.(smile)

    Bless you,

  3. Dear Dixie,
    When it comes to choosing between chocolate cake or sport, I usually choose chocolate cake. So it's great to hear they've made chocolate cake making an Olympic sport. I might qualify if eating were involved!
    Nice post, once again, dc, and like you, I am enjoying watching the Winter games from the beautiful Vancouver.
    Aint life grand!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Hi Maria,
    I'm loving your visit! Yes, the Olympics has certainly given me fodder for the field. And the fodder I carry it, the funnier it gets.

    I'm up late all the time; can't wait to spend more time reading your blog. It is quite beautiful and worthy of a positive drool. Yum!

    I hope you continue to enjoy the events and locations of this Olympic celebration; a most beautiful country!
    Any friend of Mattie's is surely a friend of mine :)
    Visit any time,

  5. Hi Mattie,
    Another "Gold Medal" winner... I think I used "White Lily Flour" this time.

    There should be moments, when we can have our cake, and eat it too! Bring your coffee, as there's more in the caketaker.

    In kindness and love,

  6. Dear David,

    You sound like a genuine athlete to me. In my humble opinion, a ten inch, triple layer cake would only whet our appetites. Could I be wrong? If you ever visit here, stop by and we'll take that challenge; go for gold! A cake this good will 'curl' your hair.

    In peace and love,

  7. Hi Dixie,
    Now this posting certainly 'takes the cake'. Nothing like a bit of 'icing' to go with it. Hmmm.. 'icing'..that's also a term in hockey eh:-)
    Must go this urge to have some chocolate cake.
    Have fun 'curling'...
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  8. HI Gary,
    In all honesty... I barely remember hockey terminology or rules of engagement. Mostly I know that you get the puck on, or you get the puck off; but it's only when you get the puck IN that matters. ;]
    Icing never felt so right; this buttery concoction had me at my knees. I raised my wooden spatula in 'high-stick' manner and rejoiced: "Cake for curling and curling's for me!"

    Cheers to you!


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