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Monday, December 21, 2009

oops, maybe next year

“Twas the day before, the day before, the day before, the day
I was hoping to get shopping done and have a bit of play.
But the sales rep wanted cash and my card was all I had.
So I lost the precious treasures and found myself quite sad.

The hours spent to find my gifts meant nothing in the end.
If only they had held my gifts ‘til cash I brought to them.
But no; they sought to sell the very items that I loved.
Pray tell, was that the manager that gave me a hearty shove?

Out through the door, onto to the street I stood and waved my arms,
In desperate wail and raising hell, I promised them alarm.
I struck a match and pitched it toward the carts that stood nearby
~And laughed when they first cuffed me, then off to my jail ride.

Tonight would be a good night, and hopefully all week
I’ll stay in jail for burning carts and searing shoppers’ feet.
On Christmas Day when ham is served, I’ll smile and cheer them on
~And celebrate my gifting freedom, with every Christmas song.


  1. Hi Dixie,
    This is one heck of a festive poem you have submitted.
    Nothing like a bit of Christmas ham.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    May you, once you done your time, have a most splendid Christmas:)
    Ho ho wishes, your way, Gary xx

  2. Dear Dixie,
    I'm hoping that this poem is entirely fictitious and not biographical in any way. I would hate to think of youe spending Christmas "in the klink" (i.e. jail, or to use the proper English spelling, gaol).
    Anyway, I'm quite sure you have no real tendencies toward arson and will spend your Christmas at home amongst friends.
    So here's wishing you, once again, a very Merry Christmas and a positive New Year,

  3. Hi Gary,
    I tried a bit of your 'cathartic writing method' here. I sat down and banged on my keyboard, all the frustrations of the holiday, into this zany poem. Highs, lows, and indeed 'ham'; thanks for the mention!
    Ho, ho, back atcha' my friend.
    Dixie xx

  4. Dear David,
    The poem is fiction, but symbolic. The day I wrote this, 'the klink or gaol" as you said, sounded delightful; simply a way to avoid the day of celebration (!).
    I tire of the stigma within my own family, toward me. I tire of my choices being ignored, or thought as, 'less than'. So 2010 requires more work on my part to have a more positive life. ~And I will.
    Thank you for having good faith that I'm not an arsonist, LOL.

    Merry CHristmas & Happy New Year,

  5. Nice one.
    At first I thought you really did this!
    Relieved to see your comment that it's just a poem!
    Happy new year and merry Christmas in advance!!!

  6. Do they have room for two!!
    I would like to burn something too!!

  7. Hi Dixie,

    You voice what so many of us feel during this time of year.

    Merry Christmas

    Good to hear from you. Nope, couldn't find my matches that day!
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you friend!

  9. LR, You can have the cot; I'd sleep on the floor. Would love to have your company. LOL
    Merry Christmas!
    P.S. Bring matches.

  10. 'A jewel shining through...'
    Thank you, yes, I need a new year. I've pretty much stomped this one into the ground. :))

  11. Namaste Roger,
    Did the poem make you want to sing a song at the end?
    Like, "..over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."?

    Cute baby in the photo with you.
    Merry Christmas,

  12. Dear Dixie,
    Here's hoping that you managed to have a peaceful and relaxed Christmas.
    With kindness and respect, Gary xx

  13. Dear Gary,
    This is very nice of you.
    It was a low key event.
    Hope your day went well.
    Peace and respect, Dixie xx


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