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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surprise! A Lovely Blog

I am one of those writers who write for me. Not like a journal of accomplishments, so to speak, but of experiences that etch into my universe what worked: who, what, where, when and sometimes, why. When I’m lucky, someone comes along and leaves me a tiny “piece of peace”. Often they never know that their comment helped me to find more balance, unless they return later, and see the crazy writing gone!

Heather P. gives me hope. Her thoughts and writings have been tempered by the struggles of her life and the ones of those around her; she loves them dearly. It only solidifies in my mind how truly amazing her choice to remain positive is. If I feel I have no hope, I go read Heather. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she’s the real thing when it comes to finding and practicing peace. (Love for your fellow travelers.)

She’s given me a “piece of peace” by giving me this “Lovely Blog” Award. Within her acceptance post of the Award, she’s sure that I’m the one to share it with next. I’ve ‘improved’ in the acceptance department; thereby peace is able to touch my human soul. How ironic that she, who has given so much to me through her writings, has given this award.

“My gratitude speaks when I care and I share with others.” So stay tuned for the person I pass this “Lovely Blog” Award to. For now, I’m simply content to rest a bit, and enjoy it.



  1. Dear Dixie,
    An excellent posting. It is so much about caring and sharing.
    Heather has noted your altruistic nature. Your desire for a more positive way.
    You are both inspirations to me. Congratulations on receiving the 'Lovely Blog Award'.
    Absolutely, savour it, rest a bit and enjoy.
    With much respect and kindness, Gary x

  2. Dear Dixie,
    Congratulations on receiving your "lovely blog" award. It is thoroughly deserved as you do indeed write "a lovely blog".
    Just a question of who to give it to next I suppose...not suggesting that it should be me, of course!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes and not wishing to influence your decision in any way,

  3. Thanks Dixie for your kind words and wishes. You have helped me too in times when I have felt low and thought what was the point. I remembered always that there are others out there who are struggling and trying to make sense. I appreciate reading what you are up to and always look forward to the next installment. Enjoy your award, you heartily deserve it.

  4. Hi Gary,
    Congratulations on receiving two!! I enjoy your zany posts as much as I do the serious items of practicing good health, or positive interactions.

    Thank you for your very kind words Gary.
    In peace, Dixie XX

  5. Dear David,

    I'm grateful for what you've said about my blogsite. Like your's it's a small place where I can share my concerns or well wishes.

    As yet I do not know whom to send this award to. The fact that it can only be shared with one blogsite complicates it further. The ones in my community have their own indiviual loveliness. Alas, like Julie P., I may put the names in a bag and draw one out. So keep your fingers crossed! :)

  6. You're very kind Heather; a beautiful soul.
    Thank you again for gifting me this award.
    In peace, Dixie


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