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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why do I act so childish?

Let me start off by saying: hahahahahaha! There I feel better.

Does having a child make you grow up? Do you put away having some silly laughs, or let them lead you to total abandonment of adulthood craziness? I just get so curious. I am one of the best ‘aunts’ I can be, but never have been a Mom.

Multiple miscarriages, two emergency abortions, and this lady finally gave it up. I could only surmise it wasn’t meant to be. Yet that didn’t mean I wouldn’t have children in my future! I’m so elated to have all of these nieces and nephews who love me.

Lisha, my oldest, writes to say that, Kaitlyn, her oldest, want to be a dentist! Seems Kaitlyn enjoys the funny faces she can produce when examining her patients. I have to admit, it does look funny to me.

The freer I feel about my life, goals and dreams, the more it seems so innocent to just exist. The less I hold onto, the more my life seems to grow, embracing love, developing peace toward all. Doesn’t that sound like the life of a child?


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Lets all have a good laugh and feel better :-)
    What I recognise, within you, dear lady, is more akin to a childlike quality; an abundance of curiosity and appreciation for the world around.
    You have gone through such trauma and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and the longing that beats within your soul.
    However, undaunted by your own life's situations; you are the best darn aunt those nieces and nephews could ever wish for.
    I rejoice in the knowledge that your inner child knows no boundaries. Your life continues to grow in such a positive way. "Does having a child make you grow up?" I like to think, in my case, that being a dad with responsibilities, and still maintaining my childlike qualities; goes hand in hand.
    Peace and respect, Gary x

  2. Dear dc,
    To quote Jack White of the brilliant band "The White Stripes"- "I felt just like a baby, Until I held a baby, What a fool this boy can be."
    I think, like Gary, though, that despite growing up and having responsibilities, we all need to sustain our "inner child", that creativity and innocence which is so precious.
    All I can say is, I wish I had an Aunt like you!
    With Very Best Wishes,

  3. "The less I hold onto, the more my life seems to grow..."

    This says so much about the importance of not grasping to things that "just are".

    I wish my children would have had an aunt like you. My own siblings live nearby yet I have not seen my brother for 15 years. This is another of one of those things that just are.

    We never know the directions our lives will take leaving us to accept what we cannot control regardless of how much we may think we want something. You have the ability to show your nieces and nephews that it's OK for adults to retain some of their childishness which will make them carry this into their adulthood.

    Bless you my friend and thank you for all you share.


  4. Hi Gary,
    I wish I could do humourous blogs like you. "Barrel of Laughs and a monkey" cracked me up. I read it while shaking my head, and thinking: "no wonder I understand him... he's only nine!" (joking)

    So glad you're able to rejoice in my 'inner child's no boundaries'... I'm only eight.

    As always, I appreciate your input, friendship, and positive comments.

    Happy parenting,

  5. Dear David,
    I've written many stories for my nieces and nephews, who now want new copies for their children.

    If you want to be my nephew, let me know, and I'll send a copy of "Red Bird's Home" on the way.

    Is that the Jack White of Oregon?
    Thanks for visiting. See you soon.

    Kindness and respect,

  6. Hi Roger, was while reading your blog, "Missing Your Dreams", that this came to me. I have all of these children's stories that I've done so little with. I think it's time to try and fly!

    A wise person once told me to find the brother who accepts me; the sister who reaches out a hand; a parent who tells me I'm brilliant; and friends that shower me with love. Welcome to my family Roger!

    Happy parenting,


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