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Saturday, July 25, 2009

new post, no photo

I'm just going to sit down and write whatever comes into my head. I have been empty and blank this week and it scares me. Fibromyalgia fog is not welcome right now. So many things to do, yet physically I am weakened by the stupid medications. Why don't doctors listen to their patiets? Don't we have first hand knowledge of our minds and bodies? Or at least I do.

A lot of people have given me loads of emotional support and I am grateful. I wouldn't trade their kindnesses for anything in the world. From Blogger, Zimbio, and on Facebook... lots of smiles, coffee, and tender hearts have kept me humming along.

Maybe I'll be able to share my misfortune with you sometime. Right now I'm too busy fighting it; very much in the middle. More will be revealed.

Wait I do have a photo. I send it to all of you, with my thanks, for hanging in there with me.


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  2. :) Hope your feeling your usual self again soon,

    For someone who feels empty and blank you have still managed to write an interesting post =]

    interesting, the comment about doctors not listening to their patients. I've been looking for someone to listen for a while now, never underestimate the power of listening I say. Mind you, I say a lot of things that no one ever hears ha!


  3. Dear Dixie,
    Yet your courage, your resilience, your sheer determination shines through in this blog.
    Through the frustration of the 'fog', somehow you have the fortitude to articulate a powerful message. The message that tells us, despite all the crap that life flings our way, we can still rise above the pain and embrace the spirit of those who really care.
    You are the expert on Dixie. 'Know-it-all' professionals who conveniently diagnose us to fit in with their 'comfort zones', should hang their collective heads in shame.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  4. MMI,

    Today is better as I teeter-totter between phases of blank and the giggles. I shake my head at the irony of having found some natural remedies that help' more so than what the doctor has in mind. I'd simply like to retain my mind while I get over 'physical' issues. Why can't doctors understand that point?

    Thank you for your very kind remarks.

    Oops, my friend, I am rambling. Hope you are well. If not, write me, I'll listen. :D

  5. Dear Gary,
    As always, you nail it to the wall. I should borrow you to speak with my doctor!

    Love your quote; could not have said better:
    "The message that tells us, despite all the crap that life flings our way, we can still rise above the pain and embrace the spirit of those who really care."

    My blogs, though at times written in pain, bring forth friends and associates that embrace it with me. I am comforted.

    Respect and kindness to you.

  6. I pray that you have the courage and energy to face anything that comes in ur way.

    It's not easy and I know.



    Thank you for your prayers. Courage and energy are definitely needed.
    I'm not 'feeling lucky'.

  8. I fully understand the fight you're having as I have that too. Some days I can write it out, other times it is immovable or my words fail me. Sending you my warmest wishes and strength. Love and best wishes, Julie xx

  9. A Jewel Shining Through~
    Yes. A thousand times yes.
    Sending love and peace your way. xxx

  10. There is always a bright spot.

  11. LR,
    Lately, with all that has happened, if you had not been here to physically help me, I might have given up.
    Other friends have expressed things to encourage, but you alone know the body that has taken on too much for now...and the doctors' ignorance.
    Thank you, with all my heart.

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