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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life... be in it

Life cries
And we wipe away the tears
Nice try
Still we’re letting go of fears
Time flies
As the day is finally done
No lies
We’ll put problems on the run

One child’s
Smiling face can change our heart
Friends’ trials
We can help them find life’s spark
Long miles
As we look while on our way
Life smiles
We look toward another day!


  1. Hi Dixie,
    The smiling face of a little child can melt away the sadness. Here's to another day, filled with happy hearts of peace and contentment.
    Warm regards, Gary:-0

  2. [Klahanie] Hi Gary,
    As a parent I'm sure you've been privy to those awesome smiles! Thank you very much for your heartfelt comment.
    Peace, Dixie :)

  3. :) Lovely to read

    Great piece. True too.


  4. MM&I,

    Glad you enjoyed it. Photo is my niece and grand-niece. Those two are always "in it".
    Peace, Dixie ;)


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