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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Roundabout

Thank you: Elizabeth Evans for the photo use.

A photo that brought back instantaneous memories of sheer joy and treasured squeals! Many times my friends and I would make the trip down to the park to ride the roundabout. “Please hold on to the bar.”

Usually an adult would get us started. We’d whirl ‘round and ’round, and it was no surprise if one of us got sick. Often it was that one of the Moms would grab some cool water from the fountain to place on a forehead to stop nausea. “Someone stop my stomach from moving too.”

Today I ride by abandoned playgrounds where the equipment was painted with lead paint. No one wants to spend the money to tear them down, but no one wants to offer anything new either. I shudder to think how much lead did I absorb from the favorite, and often visited roundabout? Yet the memories, the laughter, and the friends make it seem so far a way, and less worrisome.

Today I called the city to see what a new roundabout might cost. Thinking it might be nice to give something back that was so simple, so endearing, and so much fun. Would you believe the bureaucratic tape costs more than the roundabout? Then there are the maintenance clause costs, the taxes, the inspections, and so on. Whose getting a ride?


  1. I never knew what these were called, but I remember riding on one when I was in grade school. We would take turns in getting it started. This takes me back in time...a long way back in time.(smile)

    It is a shame that nothing is simply done anymore. Everything is complicated and difficult. It's too bad the little ones are going to miss out on those wonderful rides.

    Thanks for the memory, Dixie. I sure enjoyed stopping by...

    'Til next time,

  2. You know I never thought about the lead paint thing! I'm sure the one that I played on back in the 1950-60's was coated in the same stuff. We had a huge park and playground right next to our house, and I spent so much time there. I do remember a friend barfing once after riding on what we called the "merry-go-round," which was actually similar to the one in your photo. You definitely took me down memory lane with this entry! Brenda

  3. Hi Mattie,
    When cousin Liz sent this photo I couldn't believe it! I'd taken many a spin until I experienced a "drunken-like" stupor. Yet the site of the old one made me smile.
    I have received interest from a smaller city, to have one placed there. We'll see what happens.
    So glad you enjoyed yout time here! Dixie

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Yes, "barfing"... that was the word I could not remember.
    I also said "merry-go-round," but in Liz's part of the country it was called a "roundabout".
    Lucky you (!) living next door to paradise.
    I think I'll invite a friend to go luncheon in the park this week, after the rain stops. The "kid" in me is calling.
    Thank you Brenda. See you soon. Dixie

  5. Ah yes...roundabouts. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about those childhood spins on the roundabout.
    Recently, at the park very near my home, they have have totally revamped the playground. It was good to see the children smiling and laughing at a playground that for too long had been a tired derelict.
    I hope your city says to heck with the bureacracy and thinks about the children. For that matter, adults also, who are just big kids at heart, who would love a go on a roundabout.

  6. Hi Klahanie,
    Thanks for such a complimetary comment that also emphasizes the needs of children and us few 'big kids at heart' adults.
    Even with today's technology, there is nothing like the great outdoors to explore. Nothing replaces sunshine and fresh air to make us feel alive!
    Enjoy the new playground. I know I would if I were in your shoes. Dixie


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