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Sunday, January 18, 2009


In a dark light I stood between two worlds, one below and one above; one full of pain, self-rejection. The above hovered nearer and nearer until I could feel its love. A strong positive rush of warm air circulated and wings began to unfurl; six beautiful wings I had. And they were light and bright and my peace swelled as each feather detached from the cares of this other world. This other world which sought to hold me down; sought to daily fill me with negative blood for circulating and coursing through my veins. A poison so strong I would require others to help me reach release.

A light from behind me began acting as a dryer for the new dampened wings. They lifted more and more as the light shone brighter against my back. I reached out in the dark, arms first, then each pair of wings separately. Three glorious pairs of wings, what was I indeed?

I remembered, as a child at seven years old, meeting the three angels in my backyard. One spoke, one wrote, one continually smiled, but I did not know anything more about them. We communicated mind to mind, but I did not know what that was about either. Sometimes I still hear them. Though I have not been able to see them, I hope to some day. I would like to know what they told me, as I have forgotten.

My wings completely dry I begin to rise and move freely. I can move away from the negatively now. The other world appears dark to me now and is disappearing even as I watch it. The world of promise and positive living is warm and draws me near. I go. I go.


  1. Let no chains keep you from flying. Beautiful piece, I love the picture too. Wishing you peace as you gain lift for flight, wherever that takes you xx

  2. Dear dc,
    As a jewel shining though says, I hope you gain lift for flight, wherever that takes you. Here's just hoping, though, that you stick around for a while and keep your feet planted on the earth, and, of course, your great talent for writing plugged into your computer. Where would we be without your thoughtful, poetic blogs, after all.
    In peace,

  3. "A jewel shining through":
    How unconditional your love for me has endearing sentiment, thanks fot that. [:)xxx

  4. Friend David:
    I'll share a secret > it all started that day I read your chapter 18 > I wanted to BE Woody Allen >shhh!
    I'm sure it's okay to float a bit.
    Thank you for your very nice comments. [:)xxx

  5. Yes you can now rise above the negativity. Spread your wings and fly to that destination that bestows upon you powerful, magical gifts. The gift of inner peace, the gift of contentment, the gift of freedom.
    Behold, a new world, a new reality.

  6. Klahanie:
    Once again your comment could be a wonderful blog on its own! Very lovely.
    I do feel negativity easing up; time for me to stop counting negative moments and start counting my blessings.
    As always, thank you for your help.

  7. Lovely work! Your imagery of the feeling of rising above life's "poison" paints a beautiful picture of the joy of releasing.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your writing.


  8. "The Buddhist Conservative"- Roger:
    Thank you for your visit and very kind remarks. I'll step over and visit your own site soon. In peace.

  9. The Buddhist Conservative"
    I noticed you are also now a follower of my blog. Thank you. Enjoy your reading. dcrelief


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