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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

then this

“The idea is to admit and accept that you're experiencing mental distress and that something needs to change. It is better to try and focus on solutions rather than letting the problem(s) overwhelm us.”


  1. Very true. Sometimes easier said than done, but something to always work towards. Love xx

  2. How very true. We can let our mental health issues overwhelm us, or, we can try and turn what appears to be a negative into something positive.
    Thanks for this dcrelief.
    In empathy, klahanie.

  3. "A jewel shining through":
    This is what I'm doing regarding the portal. It's been almost 24 hours and I'm looney, but on the right track with the needs of my well-being... being well.
    Love to you too.

  4. Klahanie:
    The quote may have come from you; I did not "source" my notepad the day I "borrowed it". oops.
    I've only just begun to scrape the surface with my gleaning of your blogs... and thank you for writing about your experience, strength, and hope. In empathy, love and peace.

  5. Hi dcrelief,
    No "oops" required. It is not a quote from me.

    I have said such things as: "Live life with positive anticipation rather than negative speculation."
    "Help each other, we help ourselves."
    Take good care from some dude "challenging his inner critic."

  6. ["...we can try and turn what appears to be a negative into something positive.."]
    Thank you Klahanie.


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