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Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's a thought

The Americans today had a thought! Yes, those Americans that reside in middle America. You remember, from New York to California, that one! Yes, well they have decided to encase Christmas and the entire “spirit of the thing” in a spherical time capsule and have it orbit the moon. Astounding!

It was a bit late to get it on this year’s shuttle mission list, but come April 2009, there’s going to be a real “Santa” hanging on the moon. All total, there could be as many as 42 spheres sent into orbit. There’s a Santa’s workshop planned, a nativity with sixteen farm animals, and a small amusement park variety of rides.

At “Nasser,” the American space officials were all excited, except for Herb Johns. Mr. Johns is concerned that the camels will need more water than the moon provides. Second in charge, Josh Brown explained that “we could bring in water from Mars as soon as we thaw it out.” (What? Don’t mention Mars?) Oops.

So there you have it. In 2009 those who celebrate Christmas can purchase a spherical ride to the moon and have their holiday there.

( says they will have tickets ready to purchase by July 2009)

post script: do not write me nasty comments or stuff; this is a joke!


  1. the important thing is that we share our commercialized idea of civilization with the universe.
    let's get those spheres OUTSIDE our solar system! make sure they come complete with gift cards!
    funny stuff.

  2. LOJ:
    ["make sure they come complete with gift cards!"]
    You read that story too?
    Funny comment. dc


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