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Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes I cannot think.
Someone wants an answer and I don’t have one.
I might be lost in a small world, caught up in an old pain.
There might be a fog about.
I might be blank.

There are times that the damage I have suffered causes others to suffer too. They’re concerned and they write or call.
I cannot seem to stop hurting them with my damage.
My heart fills with compassion for them and I begin to let them go.
My mind goes blank and tries to forget the once joy.

I can never seem to play the games right.
No one gave me the tools to rein in my emotions, damn them all.
They jump me with both feet and their greed.
Poor misguided slobs in the world who hate children.
Hate them enough to make them learn blank.


  1. Yet despite an environment that made you feel 'blank', you are proving that you have the ability to question the injustice that so dominated your life.
    They may have imposed 'rules' but you now understand that you don't have to play the 'game'.
    You are not as 'blank' as you think you are. Your blogs are testimony to your resilient spirit. Stay strong dcrelief.

  2. Klahanie,
    You are so right. I was able to attend a family function and forego the 'game'. It felt good to come home tired without being stressed to.
    I thank you for being a great part of the changes I'm going through. Thank you. Kind wishes, dcrelief


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