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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Live Transparently?

Transparent: so sheer as to permit light to pass through; easily recognized; easily understood.

My posts are not always transparent; sometimes it’s hard to tell where my gripes end and my cheers begin. I try, and getting there sometimes becomes the fun for the day. Often not knowing which thought will be the last thought of a post? Will it end in joy or sorrow?

I was rummaging through web sites for free photos, missing my photographer cousin’s treasury so late in arrival this month; my own photos gave me nothing that really said: transparent. Then I came across this wonderful shot of a domed building in Canada. Yes, I could see the thoughts flying through the roof and beyond.

How often I’d like to fly; really take on wings and soar above the earth… visit places I’ll never see in this life. To take with me a kind heart, a gentle voice, and a depth of compassion that longs to heal others. And I would need to live transparently so others would also know my intentions are honorable. I don’t know that I can do that.

Writing transparently? Sometimes I can put into words what I cannot hear coming from my own mouth. Writing here, I have learned the “comfort in a crowd,” just as I have experienced feeling “alone in a room full of people.” Strange living: this desire to live transparently. Did I end in a gripe or a cheer?


  1. Words. What wonderful things they are. The can be a window into the sole or paint a facade that looks just the way we wish we were seen.

    My discussion tonight with friends was about this very topic of transparency in life. Are we brave enough to be a clear glass and let all the world see how dirty we are inside? Cheer or Gripe, does it matter if we grow from it? I think not.

  2. I just re-read that and realized that I typed sole not soul. Oh well. Spell checkers can't seem to understand what I am thinking not what I am typing.

  3. Dear Matt,
    I had my eyes closed as you were speaking and did not notice what you may have mis-typed. You sentiment was my only focus. ~dc

  4. Dear D, nice article and photo. I agree with the gentleman above. YF AA

  5. fascinating that you can write so beautifully about the doubt you feel when trying to express yourself and your feelings.
    maybe you're a lot closer to success at it than you think?
    i think so.

  6. Transparency, the courage to reveal to the world the inner depths of our very being. To remove the 'mask' may take us away from our 'comfort zone'. Yet, I considered my comfort zone very uncomfortable.
    Transparency, the courage to show our pain, the courage to express our vulnerability. Through such transparency we can also show the positive possiblities we try to embrace.
    Thank you for another beautiful blog. It's becoming quite clear.
    Warm wishes Klahanie :-)

  7. D: thank you; hope to visit soon.

    LOJ: I don't know where I'd be with out your input; keeps me honest. d.

    Klahanie: I'm often looking for positive possibilities to lead; thank you for the compliment. dc


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