Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Walking Alone

It's good to get out on my own, and just contemplate the things that comprise my life and lifestyle. Am I happy? Is there a problem that needs love applied to dissolve it? Because for me, love becomes the basic answer to unblock my seeing a solution, no matter what the issue is.

I was surprised to learn that the more I hated a problem, the bigger it got. The more anger I felt the darker the clothes I wore. Don't ask why, maybe I felt like I was headed down a rabbit hole and wanted to stay hidden... from what... rabbits?

Change is not an easy thing, for everything, that comes my way. Sometimes I can lick a problem like licking a stamp and the rest of the week is peaceful and calm. But along comes that "blue moon" and I'm standing on the volcanic threshold I call my brain... and I don't like my attitude. Maybe it's time for a decision so I take a walk.

Neither rain, sleet, snow, or hail, stops me; I must take the walk. My mind begins to work those eyes and I look around and see how other people are living. Mrs. H is working late again; bless her heart she's at it every day. L.K. is mowing the lawn for the second time this week; wonder if she's addicted to grass smell? Mr. J. is staring out the picture window and so are his two dogs and three cats. One of his dogs has to be put to sleep this month; eighty years old with arthritis, poor dog... poor Mr. J.

I gain a bit more perspective on how small my world can be when I'm willing to acknowledge their small worlds... and get out of my attitude and open my arms to others. And sometimes I make this the hardest thing to do. I want to be miserable and cry and whine and have my moment of pity and then berate myself for being self-centered. And when my childish tantrum is done, I'm halfway home. Literally my walk is almost over.

With Fibromyalgia I get these major rushes of adrenaline going. If affects me cognitively... in short, I lose my linear perspective and "go straight to plaid." I'm what's known as a "pop-corn" brain, my thinking is often sporadic... and jumps around a bit. I fear I need an editor! I mention this because for me it is important to slow the rushes first and the walking gives me relief... and I'm all about relief.

The picture with this article is one of the most soothing photos to date. My clothes match the background and I blend in. That's where I want to be at the end of every walk. I want to blend in, be calm, be alert, but finesse it. Nine out of ten times the answer hits me before I hit the door. It just works for me.

But what about that tenth out of ten times? That's when I stop and talk to all of my neighbors along the way. I ask my higher power to let one of them share something that would help me. I don't come out and ask them about my problem; I simply listen to them talk about their day to day living. You'd be surprised how many times I've received the answer in this manner.

Prayer, meditation, exercise, sun or moon watching... these things work well... but there is nothing like a spirit-filled human touch on my life. It envelopes me, encourages me, and causes me to want to reciprocate in kind. But I'm not talking about the soul-mate or the lover; I'm suggesting you use your own potential and energy to think for yourself. Allow others to enter your thinking space, but bottom line baby, take the walk! Love them and be grateful that they have ideas to share, but the walk is for your benefit... to hear your thoughts, to hear your dreams, to put those dreams in front of you just as a projector would ... and see them... really see them. Love them. Love walking alone.