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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dawn's Dock

I search for calmness in my soul. The need I have for dawn’s gold glow. And why do I not stop and ask: Can someone show me a place of rest? Pastel hues I love to see; whispering clouds to carry me. Bowed palm trees that lazily hang and I would climb their trunks. Pearly sand beneath my feet, with swooping gulls that skim the sea. The foam is cool and I wade in and hear their cries above. No one near I walk the dock and in my strength I ponder stock of what I’ll be when I arrive, to take the morning’s usual dive. A lonely porpoise swims nearby and I can here his lonely sigh, in answer to my life’s deep need, the calm I would possess. His fin is slippery; I hold on and travel to the sun. Once there I loosen my last grip, his duty has been done. My farewell is no secret, the restful calm is come.

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