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Saturday, January 24, 2009

a hard drive

Many of you who follow my blog know I have a bit of trouble driving on the road. In a quick summary, I hit a dog, felt terrible, developed a Post traumatic shock disorder thing; little or no driving in about seven years. Devastating yes, but today is different.

The hard drive to my computer was viciously attacked by spy ware that promised to save me after it attacked me. How cold hearted is that? For the first time in my life I wished I could find a big bug and drop it in “their” site. I spent three and half hours trying desperately to get free, and save my precious hard drive.

I’d like to find their address so I could send my request for compensation of them, losing for me, over 500 posts, articles or blogs (what ever you call them is fine by me.). I lost approximately 384 photos. I lost all of my children’s stories. Lost the only Christmas story I ever wrote. Everything on that hard drive: four blogs, three wikizines! Time to get a usb; run them on hard copy print, and you know what?

After I calmed a down a bit, I felt like going for a drive around the block. At 10:30 pm where do you go? I sat in my little van and played the only radio station that’s received (no joke.) Got out, slammed the door and started setting up the new used computer that’s been waiting for me in the dining room to give it a test drive. Yes sir, a hard drive there too. I’m still loading stuff in.


  1. Dear dcrelief,
    My thoughts are with you and I hope you get this disgraceful situation resolved.
    I know how much all your stored treasures mean to you.
    Warm, positive wishes your way, Gary.

  2. Dear Gary,
    Surfing the net seems more painful than driving. A tremendous shock: 834 replicating viruses was the count when I got them put on "standby."
    They wanted me to download their spyware to "remove" the viruses for me; oh how nice. Their "prompt" said, "download now or later?"
    I kept clicking on "later". For six hours! Meanwhile running scan after acan over and over for the same six hours.
    Ironically I was deleting some and another little spyware came along and wanted a piece of me too. He bopped the previous spyware away and put up his own little sign, "Download Now or Later?" I picked later> and spent the night with a little spybot. At least that's what he called himself.
    I do not have what is known as a "rcovery button," so deleting via scanning was the best I could do.
    According to the pathways I found, the virus attacked deep within the programs. Hard to get out, you need the exact pathway to delete. [And someone who knows what she's doing. :( ]
    Okay I know I lost you at paragraph one, Gary. Thank you being there for me. I'm trying to stay mellow. in peace, dixie

  3. Dear dc,
    Don't understand a word myself, as I think that technophobe or perhaps the even less appealing word "luddite" applies to me.
    All I can say is I hope you get it all sorted out and can continue blogging in peace.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Dear David,
    I'm on "hand me down" computer and doing alright. Hoping I can continue sorting. Blogging in pieces but still blogging.
    Glad you came by. I really should have a crash party!
    Stay positive. Dixie


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