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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Looking...

Trying to find something I can afford and still exist otherwise is proving to be tough.
This little charmer was recommended as "the best buy of the sea", and "best by the sea." But I'm thinking: "it's not the best for me."

Oh I love to hear the roar of the ocean and watch those walls of waves come crashing through to the shore...? I'm exillarated by glancing out a second story window watching sharks at play? I'm moved to tears as scores of playful dolphins race around the base of the framing?

My concern is: does it have a stove that works? No stove? Still looking.


  1. Looks a bit too close to the sea for me from the picture... Good luck for your search, :) xx

  2. where do you find these pictures - what an extraordinary place - I'd love it on a good day - but the bad days would be bad. Here's power to your search. txxx

  3. I love this little house, but I think it would be hard to find a place to park.

  4. "A jewel shining through...":
    Yes, I continue looking. It is that closeness you speak of that concerns a line to a stove. [:)xx

    "tone the blueshawk": sit down to read this... 2000 Polaroid landcamera; scanned into Nero then into Photoshop 2008. House used to be at The Outer Banks of North Carolina in a city called Duck, near Currituck Lighthouse.
    Just when you think the old photos will not be liked. Thanks t. xx

    LR: I had to walk from a parking lot at the local seafood restaurant down to see this! Parking was good, with the exception of Friday nights.
    Thanks. ;) xx

  5. Great!
    No stove no problem.
    Eat and float home.
    I know I'm in love with this house now.

  6. LR:
    "Eat and float home"... don't we do that already? :]

  7. Right then, try again Gary. Most frustrating when you are trying to publish a comment and your ISP crashes just at that moment.
    My oh my, I didn't realise that the Adams Family, or is the Munsters? have a seaside retreat.
    I think I may have to retreat now and press 'publish;. Good luck finding a stove:-
    Seaside regards, Gary.

  8. Gary:
    I officially empathise with all crash events.
    The house was featured in seaside spoof: "Nightmare on Elm Reef".
    This was Freddie's Jetty. ;)
    Thanks Gary.

  9. Hi Rusty! Thank you for following my blog. Wow is right. [;}


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