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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kick some leaves

A friend and I were hanging out the other day. She asked, “how is it that some trees loose their leaves while others are covered for almost all winter?’”

I think I gave some scientific answer like: “hmm, maybe they’re just different trees.”

We had a good laugh while continuing our journey around the smallish neighborhood we haunt; only now we were tree watching. A nice crisp chill was in the air and each bound in and out of the vehicle brought an icy feel to our cheeks.

Those leaves lay there tempting us. The wind would send top layers scurrying as bottom layers remained in place from a shower the day before. They crunched beneath our feet and the release of a nutty flavor with each crunch arose to our noses.

Sometimes life is that simple. I see something today that I did not notice yesterday! Like trees that are beautiful in the fall, whose leaves do not drop at all. Maybe we’ll go kick some leaves.


  1. Your imagery is beautiful. The sounds and smells of the leaves beneath our feet is one of the great treasures of the fall.

    I have often wondered why some men loose their hair while others keep it their whole life. I am beginning to learn the type of tree I am :)


  2. Oh there's nothing better than kicking leaves - I love the colours, smells and sounds of autumn. And it's the time of the year that I feel closest to my grandad, perhaps from the walks we used to take, watching the leaves turn and the "oldman's beard" (it's a plant) billowing in the wind. Thank you for this blog - it's given me food for thought :) Sending love, xx

  3. TBC/Roger:
    You're right about the fall; right about the hair, and now I'll make like a tree and leave. lol.

    "a jewel shining through.."> your comment brings me happy memories of my own. Thanks for that ;) xx

  4. Let's go for a bike ride here sometimes.

  5. LR:
    Friend, when it's not raining... do you really want to see me attempt to ride with insulated undies, two pair of jeans and a coat? I don't know if my knees will bend to pedal the thing?!

  6. I love leaves that fall. I love to look at them but I'm not a big fan of raking them :-)
    If I may use your blog as sort of an anology, I am 'turning over a new leaf'.
    Have fun tree watching. Deciduous or evergreen, each has their own beauty.

  7. Dear Klahanie,
    Glad to hear things are good for you. (except the raking).
    Thank you for the beauty of your comment.


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