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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Don't read... this post will lead you to the dark side!

I told you not to read.
Now you're in my feed.
Ha ha ha! He he he.
I will never set you free!

Okay, maybe not. There's a music blog hop I do called, "Battle of the Bands," where I pit two versions of the same song against each other. You are most welcome, and not really under my spell, to go there and play.

You do not have to be a participant in the blog hop to vote!! I often remind myself that I could have just voted and stayed out... but NO! I had to jump in, both feet and now, "I'm hooked on a feeling."

The blog hop runs for six days, so it's not like I'm rushing you or anything. However, this post will disappear soon. You might be disappointed if you miss this. (Or, maybe not, when you see which song I've chosen for 'battle time.')

Only those willing should travel there. (Really, I do understand.) See the little box in the right column... at the very top! Yes, that will take you to my music blog. Have a look, maybe a listen, maybe vote... and if you want to hear more battles... there are eleven other blog-hoppers to endure. But you can stop any time you wish. Or you may stay here, and I'll post something else soon.

Time for my bow!


  1. I've succumb to the blight that seems to hit most bloggers, and that's being too busy :P

  2. Sooo disappointed. No Pink Floyd Dark Side. Fine, I'll just have to go find them myself. Wasn't there another song called The Dark Side? or has the dark side in the lyrics? It keeps tickling my brain.

    1. Darkside of the moon, maybe? Pink Floyd - yeah. Oh that would have been funny!

      Loved your battle.

  3. I tried Battle of the Bands but generally am unable to play the music as something is playing here.

  4. The cat can be suckered in I suppose. Just this once anyway

    1. I greatly appreciate your contribution to my music interests.

      Noteworthy Cat
      Hangs out with Pat.
      Listened to my song
      Didn't take long!

  5. Great post Dixie, I used to have music playing on my blog but can't seem to get it now........I do miss it.

    1. Uh-oh, I hope you can figure a solution. (smile)


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