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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your basic - Blue Hollow Nightmare

You enticed me blue hollow.
You bade me to follow.
I followed
and fumbled,
and now left to wallow.

In the trees I heard a cry.
Not a wail of a sigh.
Not a moan
or a groan,
but a voice pleading, why?

Whispers and chains do rattle.
Thoughts in my head do battle.
I will flee
far from thee,
let that spider eat cattle.



  1. that's what i like, a nice small easy to read post that flows very smoothly.

    that's either a pretty big spider or a pretty small cow/bull.

  2. We follow what calls, not always what we should, but how would be know if we did not....

    Thanks for your visit, I appreciate it!

  3. It sounds lovely and it does suit the imagery. You're very talented :).

  4. Thanks Billy - quite the compliment from one of my favorite writers!

    Oh Yes! Big spider!

  5. Shadow - wow - loved visiting! Great stuff at your home! And yes, we often follow some crazy stuff. Thanks for visiting here!

  6. Petronela - so happy to hear "It's a boy!" I'm humbled by your compliment, and grateful you visited today. Thank you!

  7. Hi LR - good to hear from you! Told ya it was a surprise ending. Thanks for visiting me. :)


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