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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hickory, dickory, dock

You may think this post is about the old English poem of the same name. Nope, instead it is about the aggravating hickory nuts that are falling, falling, from a tree in my yard. Here we go. My apologies to the English.

Hickory, dickory, nut,
I nearly bust my butt.
Your constant falling
is not enthralling,
I feel I'm in a rut.

Hickory, dickory, do,
please stay out of my shoe.
I try to sweep,
but in my sleep,
accumulation is anew.

Hickory, dickory, crop,
oh won't you ever stop?
The days are long,
I hate this song;
maybe I'll go shop!

Ah, the treasures of Autumn. If only they were the edible kind. (Sigh)

Did you know there's a book called, Hickory Nuts in the Driveway, by Dari Bradley? Yipes!


  1. They crunch under my feet all the time. Sometimes Franklin chews on them. I don't. Chew on them, that is.


  2. Hi Janie - I think even my squirrels hate them. They look at me like, couldn't you have planted something tasty? Yes and stuck in the tennis shoe treads. Hahha. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I've never seen the tree before! I'm not sure we have it here! But we do have lots of leaves to collect each morning in the yard, now that the Autumn is here!

  4. That's Autumn for you! And a new Hickory, Dickory as well.

  5. Dezmond - you don't want this tree my friend. Leaves are still clinging - but the first rake day is fast approaching!

  6. Mike - I hope you're one that excuses my liberty with the old great one!


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