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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Five Dogwoods

Above my driveway stand five dogwoods fully loaded with red berries, and leaves that have turned in only three days. Imagine? Nature working overtime?

The chem trails stopped for a few days. At my house it was as if the Creator had opened the windows of heaven and it rained for three days. Blue, blue skies appeared, and such beauty I hadn't seen in months. That's why I think it was from the Creator. So I went out and enjoyed Friday in my yard. But I know those trails will begin to appear again soon. All one has to do is watch the sky, and the slow floating of long white stripes... they'll be on the ground in a matter of hours. Sometimes they blend together and look like nice large clouds. A checker board across the sky most days.

Could we call this a weapon of mass destruction? The chemicals contained in the chem trails destroy crops, trees, animals, insects, and of course people. It's a clever wickedness that devised this.

I had a great time. The breeze was perfect. The sunlight was perfect. The temperature was perfect. The five dogwoods were perfect. And early in the morning the most beautiful, bright moon was crossing the sky just ahead of sunrise.


  1. there's nothing more beautiful than Autumn in a forest in crisp days.

  2. Hi Dez - I certainly agree! Thanks for commenting; also for joining the journey.

  3. Autumn is a special time (as are all the seasons) though we've had too much consistent rain where I am, which spoils things a little. But, looking out of the window, I see some blue sky - that's better,

  4. Hi Mike - Blue sky is so much better!
    Can't wait to see what posts you'll bring this coming week. Some subjects are unfathomable to me. Reading you is better then television!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I first read about chemtrails on another blog I follow, Wanna Buy A Duck, about six months ago. Then another blog friend of mine, Stephen T. McCarthy, wrote about them recently. And now you... It is difficult for me to fathom that I had NEVER HEARD of this until I read that blog. Now, of course, I cannot help but look in the sky EVERY DAY to monitor the sky. Unfortunately, most days it is filled with chemtrails... as you say, so many that they have blended together to form one giant "cloud."

    Evil geniuses run this world. The rest of us just do our best to live in it.

  6. Hi Robin - I first saw them many years ago in different state than the one I live in. Now some fourteen years later and they're here. I'm inclined to agree with your statement of evil geniuses.

    Meanwhile it's Autumn here and lovely colors despite the crazies! Thank you for stopping by and joining the journey.

    I'll be visiting soon to read more stuff on your fun blog!


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