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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some days are just...

Some days are just lazy. They show up, you have plans but somehow you push them away. The light pulls you outside, like it did me. The breeze begins talking and whatever it's saying you have to listen really hard, but you're feeling lazy, like I did today. It started out as simple as looking out the window. Watching the trees sway back and forth, back and forth... what I wouldn't give to be outside. While the days are still warm you want to grab every bit of cool gentleness that you can. So you go, like I did. All of that stuff, those plans that had to be can wait. Some days are just lazy.


  1. I didn't have time to take Franklin for a walk today--a walk in the sunshine with a cool, gentle breeze. So we just got back from our walk because I know how to set priorities. Making Franklin happy is way up there.


  2. Hi Janie - I love this time of year. Enjoyed the video you posted - talk about determination.
    Thanks for visiting!


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