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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Behind the scenes

The things we experience shape our reality. The people that we allow to join with us, in sharing, make a meaningful day. It has been fulfilling and helpful to have so many friends stop by for a visit. I am blessed by the community of friends who choose to stop by. Whether you're part of my computer community or other, I am grateful.

Over the last two weekends I've had to visit the emergency room. My god-daughter generously took me and stayed with me through the entire agonizing wait.  Should there be a third time, and Lord forbid, I think I'll have her drop me off and show up 8-10 hours later. It's almost guaranteed the ER staff will move slowly along. A big thank you to L.R. Your love and generosity touch my soul.

Today my head fills empty. I suppose too many side effects from medications has me teetering on the edge of blah-ville. My only goal is to keep the nausea I've experienced at bay. As long as I can keep fluids down I'll be better off and can avoid the ER. Yet during all of this I find answers to things I've pursued for months. Empty head or not, I feel peaceful and calm.

The on-call doctor didn't call in nausea meds before the pharmacy closed. That means I do without. I've resorted to old school to sip water or ginger ale, and eat dry toasts; so far, so good. The pain meds are strong so driving my van is out. So I'll be staying home from church today. A difficult decision because I really like attending this church.

I spoke to my mentor about all of the above. This woman is a powerhouse of strength. She prayed over the phone for me and it's quite humbling for someone to do that. Church, this church, has brought something new into my life. I feel surrounded by people that love me. And I feel the same way when it comes to my blogging friends. I don't want to miss church and I don't want to miss my blog! I want to read what others are writing and glean from their experiences. To me there's no better way to live than to enjoy each soul knowing God loves each one; no matter what we individually may choose.

So here it is... my thoughts as they come forward. Illness doesn't have to bring me down. It happens to many and I hope I return the blessing to any one of you when you need support. It's those 'behind the scenes' issues we may not see. Scant details that we'd rather not bother any one with.  Just this spontaneous post; I'm not bragging or complaining; wanted to thank everyone for being who you are and sharing your own, 'behind the scenes' with me.


  1. No need for a thank you.
    Love L.R.

  2. Thank you, L.R. My love to you.

  3. Loving thoughts to you. Take care.

  4. I like what you said at the beginning. 'The things we experience shape our reality. The people that we allow to join with us, in sharing, make a meaningful day.' That's something we don't think about much or not at all- but it remains true.

    I'm sorry to hear you're sick and the ER staff was slow. I know how they can be from personal experience. You could have an arrow through your lung and they would work on the dude with a mild cough first.

    You're strong for not complaining but I'd still complain (provided I wasn't so darn weak that I couldn't- which has happened before)... even if I knew there wasn't much chance that they would move any faster. I like your strategy about having your daughter, I think you said it was your daughter, leave you off in the ER 8-10 hours and then come back.

    In any case, I can understand the community feeling and support of church. There was a time when I felt like that. Nowadays, for better or worse, I talk to God, alone. Maybe someday, I'll return.

    Take care of yourself, Dixie.

  5. Hi there Mike,
    I appreciate your sentiment and support. Looking forward to visiting your blog today! (as I do every time really.)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I'm always grateful when someone can relate or, at best, understand what's coming from the conglomerate I know as "me". So many parts labor together to help me exist on this plane.(zoom, zoom, zoom)and then other people flying by, sharing their own labor of love... geez, it's often a freaking love fest at my desk. Thanks for participating in life, and saving some leftovers to share with peeps like me.

  7. I'd be careful about 'teetering on the edge'; didn't you fall down some stairs recently?
    My social network and the Blogging community were wonderful when my grandson had cancer last year. When things are bad you find out out who the good guys are!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  8. bazza, thank goodness for those like your good self who hang tough to lift the ones of us who falter. (Yep, those stairs are still fresh on my bum)

    Thanks for including a link to the remarkable smile of a wonderful child(smile). Made my day and I'm not even related.(Hi Sonny!)


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