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Sunday, April 22, 2012

To follow

The wind blows and I try to follow
a path that disappears.
I stand and wait
It will return soon.
I'll watch again,
and try to follow once more.

See the trees bend and sway
such a grey day
but I must declare
I like the feeling in the air.

No turmoil, no blustery challenge
just a simple wind that beckons me to follow.
A carefree movement
let me move carefree.
Let me enjoy the simple wind
and ask for no more than to follow.


  1. And may you follow and float along with that simple wind, to that land of gentle hearts...

  2. While I was reading that poem, I felt very two different things. One, as if I was outside, walking along the trail of my favorite park during a windy day. Two, as if I were being swayed, in the beginning, though subtly, in choosing a path, but ultimately standing and just enjoying the freedom to choose my direction.

  3. Thank you, Gary, that's very sweet.

  4. Kelly, I had a similar experience while writing this. Sitting at the big window in my home office... I watched the wind and after a while I even saw the birds get carried away; the wind became strong enough to buffet them around. Still I had the comfort of my office to remain in and forego the sideways flights of fancy!! Very much - choosing my own path.
    Thanks Kelly; too cool.


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