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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purple is for passion?

It appears he's new to the Island of Palawan, Philippines. Of course it could be a she too. In fact the news says they change colors (colours for the Brit gallery) to social network. It's quite possible that the color/colour purple is to invite another crab for sex.

At this point during my blog I really wish a couple of brave souls might finish this up with a bit of humor (humour, I know.) Only don't get into size, as they're only between a half inch and one inch. One large step on the beach and you'd probably wipe out sixteen orgies!! Just saying...

There I'm done, well, almost; is purple for passion? What say ye? Come on, don't make me pinch ya for an answer! Really, orange you glad I'd never do that?


  1. Sometimes, so I've heard, when you have sex with crabs... you can get a bad case of the crabs.

    Hope this invaluable information help someone seriously thinking about doing it with a crab or two or dozen.

    Seriously, the fact that they turn purple like that when they're in the mood is kinda weird and is a "fun fact", for certain. Take care, Dixie. I'll be linkin' this post to Facebook and Twitter. Good one!

  2. Seriously Kelly, I think this might seriously be invaluable information. Crabs begetting crabs; imagine that? If it helps; I forgot to mention they start out red colored... going purple for the gusto! Lincoln who?

  3. Wow, I'm tremendously impressed that you have gone to the trouble of providing British to USA translations; now it all makes sense (not)!
    I think that crab stole the idea from the posterior of a baboon which is bright red for the purposes of sexual attraction. Works for me.

  4. Well a couple of days ago one of the stories in the UK Daily Mail newspaper was: "The ladies in red who look ready for bed: Men think a scarlet-clad woman is more likely to sleep with them on a first date."

    Maybe it's red for passion with us humans and not purple!

  5. Oh bazza, that was supposed to impress klahanie, who also seems to translate from Brit to USA. Let him know, would you?!
    Gosh, you're quite knowledgeable of the animal kingdom... must remember that. Thanks, LOL.

  6. Mike, this is astounding! I hadn't realized with this post that we'd move up the food chain so quickly. Humans in scarlet... oh, frankly my dear, you know the rest... :)


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