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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today's catch

The beach has always been a powerful influence. Just thinking about being there inspires me to create. I found these ceramic fish on the web site given within their photos. Instead of doing ceramic artwork, which is not one of my skills, I'll execute them in paper mache. 

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I'll be breathing in that salt air with every strip of paper I glue on. Layering paper strips like the ever moving sand seeking to fill the voids/ nooks and crannies! Dress the fish with rhinestones, bits of shell, and other stuff.

May the sun shine on my adventuresome little project! May the waves roar above the boom box with beach boogie music playing.


  1. What lovely fish. I love the sea and the beach. We live only about two miles from the nearest beach so spend lots of time walking along the cliffs and shoreline. Look forward to seeing your paper mache fish on your blog.

  2. Dear Dixie,
    Lovely fish indeed. And I, also, look forward to seeing your own creations. Maybe you could show them together with some beach beat box boogie music!
    Very Best Wishes,

  3. Mike, though it's not polite for me to envy... I am indeed in awe of living two miles from the nearest beach!

  4. Hi David, that's a neat idea. Make a boom box to go with some speaker fish!! :))


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