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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tree House

It was the finest tree I ever owned and I gave it to the guys.
No more climbing it you see; would be a tree house to the skies.
We saved a little money and my Dad sure helped us out.
To ward off all the bad guys we made a sign that read: “Keep Out!”

The floors were laid with heavy planks and fastened down with nails.
The spaces left between allowed the planks to gently swell.
We had to have two railings: a foot rest and one for arms.
A rope was added to a branch to escape from any harm.

Our tree house christened “Nautilus” was ready to be shown.
My heart was all aflutter ‘til I saw the sign and groaned.
“No Girls Allowed, and this means YOU and we will take a stand
To drive you far away from here and curse you off this land!”

Girls will laugh and girls will cry but I could not do either.
I smiled a smirk, turned with a jerk, and left them for the ether.
My dogwood tree it beckoned me and off I went to climb.
Then slowly let the tears escape while citing funny rhymes.

They never knew the pain I felt; I buried it inside;
And still today when I recall the tree house I confide,
That though I never saw the top and no one bid me in,
I never want to be as one that's “not allowed” again!


  1. Hi Dixie,
    When I was little boy, I had a tree house. Heck, when I look out at the big ol' tree in my garden, I got to thinking about making another one.
    Girls were always allowed in my tree house. For sure you would have been most welcome.
    Right then, must go now and find the ladder and get me some planks. There will be a sign on the door of the tree house: "Ladies most welcome."

  2. Why do boys do this to us?
    Because they are little .....

  3. Thank you Gary. Hand me some nails! I've got a mean swing.

  4. L.R.
    So you had all brothers, right? Dixie


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