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Monday, February 16, 2009

Stop Grinding

Lately I keep grinding out the same old answer for the same kind of mistake. That can't be right. My mind must be wrong? I cannot fathom what is so hard to get past. What is it I need to do?

A pesky thought. Obsessive and domineering when it wants to be. Please just go away. My mind is not into fighting. There must be a solution.

How about two wheels and grind the thought into meal? Then make some muffins.


  1. Time to free ourselves from the grinding questions.
    'Nose to the grindstone' sounds painful but ofcourse means perserverence.
    Myself, I'm a bit of a 'Grindstone Cowboy' Howdy maam! I just love muffins:-)

  2. Yes, you know it: another night of muffin making! Where did I put my walnuts?
    Perserverence? Thanks Grindstone Cowboy!


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