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Monday, February 16, 2009

seeing the beauty of a lifetime

Many only see beauty in life. Many look only to the outer beauty. But we all know the secret. Look beyone life, beyond death, and envision a beauty that displays the entire essence of the life lived.

Like a leaf that "says" I've been here for all seasons this past year. I'm leaving buds to come and give you more beauty for the coming year, and those beyond.

Or a ninety-two year old man who has seven children grown, ten grand children grown, and now four great grandchildren growing. It's about the seeing.


  1. and with life comes death. With death comes life, a new renewal. A tiny acorn becomes a mighty oak.
    And on it goes. It is for us to see that the trees make a forest.

  2. And though the entire forest be burned, there'll be clues that life is coming. If death does not stop life then neither can we.
    Thank you Gary for your input.


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