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Monday, February 16, 2009


I was helping a friend of mine sort socks from the dryer. Two adults and five children make a lot of socks to sort. Any white socks with orange stripe or orange color were for the youngest one. I continued as each child had his or her own assigned color. Don’t laugh, it worked perfectly; it did not take as long as I first thought.

If only I could sort through my own life that way. Assign a color for billing, a color for shopping days, and a color that told me to drive this day. But then, why couldn’t I use a color system? With the limitations I have that are not going away, I need the simplicity of a system works better than what I have now.

My issues are all together, herded together like wild animals but not as pretty and interesting as the animals. I found this photo, of a painting, from years ago and was pleasantly surprised when my eyes focused on the horses. How many were there? Translate that to my issues: how many were staring back at me waiting for me to focus on, sort it out, and resolve?

Lately I’ve had some pleasant distractions that help me to relax and get some issues off of my mind. There has immerged a priority list to work on. So do I take the orange magic marker (crayon) and put a dot on the calendar to help me sort? I’ll have to get back to you. I need to count the number of color crayons I have.

Any suggestions: reply to the lavender dot. O


  1. Hi Dixie,

    Great picture.

    If only life was color coded for us! We would always know what to think of things but on the other hand, it could also get a bit dull.

    I'm glad you have had a few pleasant distractions. We all need these. It has been a long while but I am going to give a short holiday a try. I could use a little pleasant distraction myself right about now.


  2. The Buddhist Conservative:
    I too like the photo. It ocurred to me that some of my problems stemmed from the same source; so carefully blended I missed my mark continuously.
    Thank you for your comment Roger; enjoy your time away.

    In peace, Dixie


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