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Monday, February 9, 2009

Simply a test

This is simply a test of wills... have no fear.
I am attempting to fake out Zimbio and make them think I still exist on their site.
If they lose I get to keep my zine: Remove the Rose Colored Glasses.
If I lose I'll have to remove something different to stay on board.
Here we go. Excuse the interruption to your regular dcrelief day reading!!

Love, hugs, and happy stuff like that. dc


  1. Hi there - not sure I get it, but your zine looks cool ;-)

  2. Hi Tone! Actually I have several Zimbio magazines. Trying to get one of them reopened. Set up the test, didn't work but I now know what I need to do. Thanks for dropping by; wish I had some tea and we could chat. sip, chat, sip, chat, that's where its at. :)

  3. Sad day in my blog world. Remnants of virus left locked in the zine: "Remove the Rose Colored Glasses". My poor zine is destroyed by someone's deposited fun?
    Thank you for sharing that moment of silence with me. Now, on to the next adventure. Keep ya bugs to yourself!

  4. Dear dc,
    Sorry to hear about your zine problems, but mostly this was just a quick note to say, and I hope you don't mind, how nice it is to see your face.
    Who knows, I may follow your example and put my own mug shot up there, but at the moment it's pinned to my front door to ward off the burglars! Something like a watch dog only more effective.
    So, as one of our more famous entertainers in the UK says- nice to see you, to see you, nice!
    With lots of nice thoughts,

  5. DC, when I checked your Rose Colored Glasses zine this morning, it looked OK. Now I notice that you found a problem and changed the overview, etc.

    Can you tell me a bit more about what happened? I'd like to look into it so that I can prevent it from happening again (or to someone else).

    If you'd be willing to provide some feedback, I'd really appreciate it. Drop me a note to support @

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Hello David,
    The bad part is, I know just enough technology to get me into trouble. The camera flash blew my wrinkles to 'H'. I look so youthful.
    Hey, watch dogs are cool! Use mine, they'll politely knock or ring your bell. LOL.
    Thanks David.

  7. Tony,
    A very big thanks and good luck with my tech=no=not experience. Sent email earlier. dc.

  8. Tone and Tony are two different people?

  9. Hi Dixie,
    I hope that 'Tony' from Zimbio has been of some assistance to you.
    I realise just what a frustrating time this has been for you.
    Wishing you well, Gary

  10. Hi Gary,
    Well, we've learned there are two Tony's reading the blogs.
    We've learned that I have no business trying to fix it, define "it".
    If anyone understands my plight, it would be you.
    Oh, we could be "seeing" David soon.
    In empathy, Dixie ~>


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