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Saturday, February 14, 2009

no more holidays

Once upon a time I used to write whatever I wanted to write. The comment function was turned off because I was afraid someone would want me to write for them. I did not say that I refused to help anyone. I try to be generous with my gift. Not that I have a great talent or need to be praised a lot. I just liked to write.

So right now I’m going to write about Valentine ’s Day for those who hurt from not receiving one. Or maybe we had someone special and that person no longer exists for us. Maybe a childhood class was exchanging cards, and one child got left out; once again a holiday that sets people up to be hurt.

When do we as a society see the things that hurt us? The pain we harbour often comes from childhood. Then we grow up and do the same thing to the next generation. I remember finding out about Santa the hard way. I was mad. Why lie? Okay that’s all I wanted to write. Oh, one thing: think about what you tell your children before you tell them. One day they might grow up to be you!

Thanks, Dixie


  1. Hi Dixie,
    Well I am glad you turned on the comment function. That way you get to read my comments lol.
    In regards to Valentine's Day; I, as you know, am well aware of that rather potentially unpleasant exchange of Valentine's cards in school classrooms in North America.
    It can cause a lot of upset for those who are left out.
    I am careful what I tell my son. I hope that I have set an example to him of kindness, respect and decency towards others. So, if I have done it right, I kinda' hope he grows up to be like me; but with his own unique approach to life and its situations.
    Thanks for this blog Dixie.

  2. Gary,
    I hope I did not infringe on your idea about the exchange of cards in elementary school; it was not intentional.
    Your son was very kind, respectful and decent toward me. Well done you. Dixie


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