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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Comment

You’re often in my life when I need you
You hang at the bottom of the page
And when I take a look at you come later
I know that it’s not me who is the sage.

Some times you have a name, you just don’t give it
Some times you leave a wink beside a kiss
At times you have a title that’s important
Many times anonymous is the most bliss


  1. Hello

    your comments dont bother me at all, i enjoy reading them!

    im very interested in your comment that you left on my post titled "purification of the soul". Sounds intriguing.

    by the way love all your new posts, keep it up =)

    Take care x

  2. MM&I,

    I'm glad you like my stuff. I like my stuff. As far as stuff goes, it's all good.
    I'll drop you msg on the intriguer!
    dc x

  3. Hi there,

    I am always pleased to interact with you and some other very fine bloggers.
    Right then klahanie aka Gary, click on 'PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT'

  4. Klahanie aka Gary:
    I am always pleased to interact with you. Your kindness on this blog ia most appreciated. Especially of late because I am sorting issues for a better life.
    In peace, Dixie x


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