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Monday, December 8, 2014

Shake up Christmas

The first time I watched this music video, I wasn't sure that I liked the music. I thought the little story it told was cheerful enough. So I watched it again. Four young people, each with requests, find that Santa can really take control. Oh! They don't realize it's him... but I know... because I'm watching. I got to see some of Santa's magic at work. By the time I watched this video for the fourth time, (yes, I'm that slow), I liked the music, I knew all of the characters with their requests, and I was pretty sure I needed a snow globe!

Let's watch it together!   (I'm sorry about the commercial.)

Train - Shake up Christmas

You might want a snow globe of your won!


  1. No time to watch it right now, will try and come back.

  2. I worked at a place once where, every time someone went on vacation, they had to bring back a snow globe for the office from the place they visited. We had a huge and awesome collection of some of the most beautiful and most hideous snow globes.

    1. That would be fun I think - everyone bringing back snow globes!

      I've seen some nice ones but I don't own one. I'd like to find one with a tiny gazebo in it.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  3. I was aware of Train, but had never seen or heard them. I liked the song.


    1. Me too - I guess you have a snow globe? I want one!!


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