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Friday, December 12, 2014

Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream

Melanie Janene Thornton collaborated with The Coke Company to make a special Christmas commercial in 2001. Coke wanted a song that incorporated their signature phrase, "it's the real thing," with a Christmas-time jingle. Melanie delivered one of the most beautiful songs. Packed with lyrics of peace and love - it promised to be a hit... and no one was disappointed with the results.

(On the heels of the World Trade Center events - we might not remember this. Indeed it took some research for me to realize, I did catch the commercial, but not the events surrounding this young woman's musical contribution, or her untimely death.)

Melanie held a dual American/German  citizenship. She toured Europe and went on to stardom as a solo artist in 2000. On November 24, 2001, Melanie was in Germany for a last concert before Christmas break. The singer was traveling from Berlin, Germany, to Zurich as part of a tour to promote her first (and only) solo album "Ready to Fly." (How ironic)

A plane was standing by to take her on the last leg of the tour. From Zurich she planned a "German Christmas" in Atlanta with her family. But on that cold, snowy night Crossair’s Jumbolino jet, flight 3597, went down just after 10 p.m. local time. Out of the thirty-three passengers aboard, nine people survived the crash. Thirty-four year old Melanie Thornton was among those who did not.

Ironically at the last minute, 24 people had canceled boarding the flight, due to weather conditions. There would have 57 people on board.

The following from Associated Press:

"Her latest single, “Wonderful Dream,” went on sale Monday (November 26), its scheduled release date, at the request of Thornton’s family. The song is also being used in a new Coca-Cola commercial."

I don't know that Melanie's dreams came true, but the line in the song says, "Celebrate a life where dreams come true, " and so I'm going to celebrate her life with this post. Listening to her last interview really made me think - what a message. Thanks Melanie. Rest in peace.

Remember: "Love is a reason - it's always the real thing." ~Melanie Thornton.


  1. It is my most favourite of Christmas songs and my first association to the holiday.
    I remember crying when I heard of her tragic death. I was at college at that time.
    And that ad is the most famous and most beloved of all Coca Cola ads worldwide.
    She did have US number ones back in the 90's when she was the singer of dance duo LA BOUCHE. Their BE MY LOVER was US number one I recall. But I did prefer her solo career, especially WONDERFUL DREAMS and LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME.
    Such an angel she was and is!

    PS do you know how to embed videos? Asking because you always use just links :)

    1. No - I barely know how to add a link. I forgot to put in the title of that bottom link: "Her last interview."

      I left out some of her background because my mouse was going wacky - splitting sentences in half. Had to rewrite this last night. BUT - new mouse is here and will be connected shortly!!!

    2. Under each video at YouTube you have SHARE option under which you choose EMBED. Then you copy the given code into your post (HTML version of it - the button is up in the left corner) best at the end. If the dimensions are too big for your post just go back to the HTML form and change the width and height numbers.

    3. or if you prefer COMPOSE format to HTML while writing your post, up among the tools you have INSERT VIDEO button with which you can directly choose a video from YouTube and bring it over to your post

    4. Okay, thank you. I really need to learn this. I like posting videos.

    5. Hey it worked!! Thanks so much (BIG smile)

  2. Dezmond is right. The lazy among us often don't click on the link. However, if you embed we may let it play while we read:)

    Thank you for sharing Melanie's story. It's sad and inspiring at the same time. The best we can hope for is a life full of joy and love.

    1. Sounds good, but how does one do that?

      I'm glad you took the time to listen. I sat and cried the first time I heard the song. I love airports and airplanes. So last year I actually saw the Canadian documentary on this plane crash but had never connected her with it. She wasn't even mentioned in the documentary! But I remembered the horror of that crash.

      I agree with your "best hope," Robin!

  3. Replies
    1. I agree, than again in her last interview I don't think she'd want people to be sad. I think she'd want to pay attention to the message.

      Good to see you, Fran. I hope you found your orks(smile).


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