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Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern conversation

Someone is getting really certain of what she wants (I know)...
and doesn't want to put up with (I know)...
and time is moving on (I know).

You know? (I know) You know what? (I know).

Is it me or is it disturbing when the only answer from a friend is - I know? (I know).

Then the fabulous option of replying -  I see. (I see).

Which leads me to the all-knowing, all-seeing response: (I understand).

But lately this type of response has been okay with me. (I know)
How do you know? (I know you).

Wait, that's three words in a response... wow... that makes me happy. (I see) You see? (I see you're happy.)

Oh, four words and I am feeling freed by your support and feedback. (I know you understand.)
How do you know? (I know. I see. I finally understand. And you?)

The sound of crickets

Let's do lunch again soon. (When?) You'll know. (I see)


  1. Glad you understand hunny. Yes, this happens. No, I don't have time for that anymore. Am I missing the point?

    1. Rolls her eyes, pats her foot, sighs heavily - I suppose (I see).

  2. How about a more glorified comment to spice this conversation up?

    Social interaction these days has been ruined by text messaging and social media. People simply no longer know how to interact with each other. The repetitive use of text messages, coupled with the condensed version of the human language, has rendered people incapable of holding a conversation. All the lol's and wtf's and brb's has people roflmfao all over the place, consumed and dominated by the sheer stupidity of the new shorthand language.

    That why I like old people. They are not into texting or social media. They socialize the old fashioned way by getting together and actually speaking to each other. Tis a lost art these days, speaking actual words and forming complete sentences.

    1. Tis a glorified comment indeed! Thank you, sir.

      The joy of expressing oneself and receiving a reciprocating response is fast leaving the communication realm. A picture has literally become worth a thousand words. Are we returning to hieroglyphics? I ask because the shorthand is being replaced by those cutesy little pictures called icons.

      I must be an old people! Having a yard sale in my neighborhood is like a social gathering. It's not as important to sell anything - seeing my neighbors is a real treat for me.

      Workingdan, I applaud you!


    2. Can you interpret the meaning of this cutesy little smiley? Could mean anything. Could be taken completely out of context. Without words it is nothing... just a face with a million possible meanings.

      In this particular case it is expressing my pleasure in engaging in conversation, with the use of words. But I'm to assume that you already know that. Expression of one's self is not an expendable tool of human interaction. Tell that to modern society. Or at least try to tell them. They'll most likely just look at you like you're stupid. They need the language broken down and interpreted into something they can understand. So what I'm really trying to say is....

    3. Workingdan!!! I know. I see. I understand. Don't worry, all of those little question marks came out perfectly in my email. I see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
      And yes, I do get a lot of stupid looks. Let's leave that alone.

  3. I just nod my head instead of using words :)

  4. I worry about the younger generations. They prefer texting over talking (much of the time), would rather play on their computer than with their friends, so conversation is becoming a lost art. How can we be so technologically savvy and so stupid all at once?

    1. I suspect they're being herded in that direction. Texting is usually free, whereas talking incurs a charge by the minute. Texting also affords them a privacy level they might not get with parents, siblings, or other friends around.

      I am greatly concerned about their level of discernment. Trusting a complete stranger over the internet has proved fatal to many adults, not just teens.

      Thanks Robin for your comment.

  5. I haven't a clue what you are writing about I'm afraid.

    1. Hi Jo. Today's loss of skill in communicating is worrisome to many, myself included. We see entire conversations reduced to single words or phraseology.

      In "workingdan's" comment he is fully engaged in communicating with me. It's a pleasure to read what he thinks and feels. There is no picture or icon in his communication.

      In a nutshell, my "Modern Communication" post has proved it's point by you writing to me that you haven't a clue. Imagine a face to face conversation of that above post, and you'll know that I too am often at a total loss of what people are saying.

      We seem to be moving in a "hurry up world, get it done, get it said, and then move along."

      One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is the fact that you are so expressive. You are not stingy with the words and the feelings. Thank you so much for visiting me.

    2. I might have understood if there were a number of likes scattered in the conversation. I challenged a friend's daughter once to talk without using like, needless to say she couldn't. I too am worried about where modern conversation is going. They can't spell worth a damn anyway which is probably part of the reason for shortening everything.

    3. I forgot to say thanks for the nice words.

    4. Hi Jo. I was wondering, like, should I tell everyone that this was like, an actual, like conversation that took place?(smile) I had a niece who was bent on California valley girl talk and happily she is still alive. Her Mom like, hated it! You know?!

      I once read that the longer a child crawls the better the spelling skill. I fear I may have walked straight from the womb. Spell check is my friend. I began observations of parents and their children. Many wanted the child up and walking as soon as possible. Today I look around and the children are all in strollers - no one has time to wait for the little ones to toddle along. No crawling, no walking - what will be the results?

      Thank you for stopping back over. I always appreciate your response!

    5. I can't even talk/write like that.

  6. I love real communication. I text only when I cannot reach a person any other way. It's sad that we've also lost the art of letter writing. "Communication" today is fast and abbreviated. We need to take time to think before we respond.


    1. Oh Janie - over at your bloghouse there's so much to enjoy! Talk about some communicating. I've grown as an individual. (smile) Thank you! I no longer fear leaving a word out of a sentence but instead have become paranoid about commas! (grin)

      I watched as a niece and her friend sat on opposite sides of the room and text each other. Why? There was a constant barrage of bells and whistles. But when I text the niece telling her I was headed to the store, did she need anything, she stood up and started talking: "Oh Aunt Dixie, you could have just asked me." I know. I did. Where's my text?


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