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Sunday, October 12, 2014

No time

With all of today's technology and ways to communicate, we have become a very distant world. At the touch of the fingertips - a message can be sped off into the wireless night. Heaven help you if you're expecting an answer within 72 hours. (Some say I have more time than they do.) Really? Aren't there 24 hours in a single day for everyone, equally? (Oh, but you  know what "we" mean? You have more free time.) No I don't. Please explain. Long ago I figured out that time is not free. You can waste it all you want, and you'll never get it back. You might as well enjoy whatever you do... whether in work or in pleasure.

Here's my point. I take four seconds to text a "Hello, how are you?" message. Why? Because you don't have time for face to face or telephone conversations. Now! it's not even worth a minute of  your time to answer? You could say, "Fine, hope you are." You could say, "Busy, but okay." See how few seconds that took?!! Yet today I run into this attitude from everywhere. It's pandemic. No time.

But let my phone ring or receive a text message? Heaven help me to rush back an answer to you. Let me memorize all the latest abbreviations. BTW, LOL, OTW, OVA.... etc., to infinity and beyond!

Maybe I should let you know that most of the time... my phone stays in the desk drawer. Yes it's on. And the land line has voice mail too.  But I was busy, and you were right... 72 hours isn't that long of a wait after all.    :)


  1. I'll drink to that Francis! You buying?

  2. It's interesting that the more ways we have to communicate the less we communicate in the real sense of the word. While on holiday recently we watched as couples looked constantly at their phones over dinner instead of talking to each other.

  3. Mike, I've witnessed that myself. I wonder why they even bothered going out? At least if you're home and watching a movie while dining, you can chat between scenes. Maybe.

    You've had a lot of thought-provoking posts on your site; I'm really enjoyed them. Thanks for visiting me!


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