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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alzheimer's: "I'm not gonna miss you"

Image: Feelings - Ann Croon

Music has always been a part of life for me. Not just me, but other fellow bloggers paint, write, and do other artistic renderings with a background of music.

Music is part of many surgical rooms and wards. Some patients even request music to be played during their post op time. So began my search that expounded on the value of music and illness. I was rocking along until I came to the Alzheimer Disease - the one that slowly robs one of precious memory. Many years of research but as yet no cure. No one panics when they can't remember something - they whip out an iPhone... right? Plenty of jokes available!

I came across a video of Glen Campbell - a country music artist from the 1960's onward. I wasn't a big country fan but I liked many of his songs. This video was intriguing as he recorded two years ago... back when he was still able to speak, much less sing. Occasionally he can play guitar and it fascinates people that he remembers the cords. The song is the from the perspective of the sufferer. He acknowledges that friends and family will suffer along with him, but he won't know it. "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" says it all.

It's quite thought provoking. Listen if you have the time.

I'm Not Gonna Miss You


  1. A moving song in the circumstances of Glen Campbell's health.

  2. gentle on my mind has to be one of the all great songs. hartford and campbell were a great team. the smothers brothers were pretty cool too.

  3. Aw, so sad. Glen was famous when I was young, and I still remember a few songs. :)

  4. Hi Mike - yes indeed - and isn't his voice still really strong and on pitch! Thanks for visiting! I really enjoyed all of your posts this week.

  5. Hi Billy - I loved that one, and Witchta Lineman. So many!
    Thanks for stopping over. You've got some interesting stuff over at your neck of the woods. I'm still working on the airplane - lol.

  6. Hi Lexa-Cain - I was surprised he had recorded a last song. He's in stage 6 now, so they decided to release the video.
    I'm so glad you visited. I know so little about your writing, so I'll be stopping over. Also the blog hop sounds like fun. That's quite an accomplishment!!

  7. Hi Dixie. I had no idea about Glen Campbell's health. Like you I'm not a big country fan but I make some exceptions; The Everly Brothers, Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell among others.
    To my surprise the adult lock on my computer stopped me seeing the video. (Grandchildren!) Anyway I eventually got to see the video. It was very moving so thanks for posting it.
    Listening to: well, it's Glen Campbell now, isn't it?
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  8. Hi Bazza - You have been the catalyst, so to speak, of my recent posts. Namely the value of music, and the role we allow give it when we write, paint, or other activities. Strange that I have been long without it's compliment. So for this I thank you.
    I'm glad you were able to view the video. More than just hearing the sound was seeing him perform parts of it. Seeing the momentary absence and return in his eyes, brought a better perspective to me... his perspective.
    Thank you for visiting.


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