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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Music to live by

Music - a great part of my life - documenting all sort of events - good and bad. Of course you can relate, if and when you hear a song on the radio, ipod, TV, Internet, or other, and it takes you to another place and time. Even writing that sentence prompts a memory of Yanni's " beautiful and haunting instrumental, "Nostalgia". And that's how it works for me. I just love a good instrumental.

Music for my friend Bazza at "To Discover Ice" - is to paint by, (among other activities I'm sure). And it is his recent sharing, of the joy of painting along to music, that prompted this post.

I've done a lot of writing with music in the background, but never painting. Odd I know, considering I've been painting longer than writing. This week I've a project to get me back into the swing of painting. Hmm, maybe I could find some "swing" music from the 40's? Until then here is one of my favorites.

The Piano Guys:

Do you like music? Do you have a favorite "swing" or other song you can drop my way?

Thanks  - catch you on the flipside!


  1. Hi Dixie. You could become my publicity agent!
    Thanks for the pointer to that music which I really enjoyed although, about half-way through, I found my self longing for a change of texture or tone - but very nice all the same!
    Continuing my new experiment of naming the music I am listening to while posting or commenting - right now it's something from the musical Hair in preparation for a forthcoming post!
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. My honor, Bazza. If only I knew how to do those links to other blogs - must investigate!
    The Piano Guys are versatile, and I love seeing what they do to cover a song. I suppose I get into their different composition treats; probably more so than the writing that comes to the surface. (sigh)
    Hair? Long time no hear! Waiting.

  3. since I remember myself music is always playing in my head. Some people hear voices, I hear music :) My head is like a non stop radio - something is always playing up in there from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep.

  4. i've got more favorite songs than brains, i'm listening to the essential ben webster as i type this.

  5. Dezmond - I have the same issue; what genre?

  6. Billy, you must be a blues and jazz man! My grandfather loved his stuff.

    I got one link to Webster but it plays a long time. Sharing it with ya.


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