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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gone one week? Feels like a month!

Like watching a backhoe digging a hole, I prepared myself to be bored by my simple no cable, no internet, no phone, life. Nothing could be further from the truth... as my days became filled with renewed interests in projects. No, I wasn't going to sit back in my yard's wheel barrow and watch nature... become one with the dirt. No sir or madam; "dcrelief" was on an adventure that proved to bring rewards of wisdom... and a new, improved brick/block wall design for my back patio area.

I stood on the patio having placed the last block... for the day. My hands with tiny cuts and scrapes begged for a new job; a vacation of sorts which did not include rough surface contact. Hmmm? Go forth and write to your blog!

"Dear Blog,
What treasures will you lead me to as I return? Even if my blog pals are gone and not to be found, I will read every post because they are loved. ~And because I've come to love them too, my desire to understand their writings is the catalyst that feeds my adventures... here and elsewhere."

PS. Do any of my pals know how to lay curved cement blocks so that they blend harmoniously?


  1. Good to see you back from beyond.

    I have built walls and a patio in the garden but 'curved cement blocks' is much too technical for me!

    May you have many interesting a productive adventures.

  2. It is amazing what we can discover when we take a break from the usual routine.

    But apologies that I know nothing about bricklaying.

  3. Greetings my human friend, Dixie,

    Ah yes, it be me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

    And whilst you were away, positive resources, made your day. Nothing like a distraction in the 3D world and wondrous thoughts were unfurled.

    My human knows of laying blocks. However, without actually seeing what's a hand, it's a might tricky to help you out with it. Perhaps you should check on YouTube.

    Pawsitive wishes and welcome back,

    Penny on behalf of her alleged human, Gary :)

  4. Mike Perry
    Lost in Space
    klahanie & awesome Penny

    Hello gentlemen and lucky pup! Thank you for stopping over. I did find a photo to share and will post something of the ongoing adventure.

    It's not too hard to place them once you get going. The trick is to keep going until you finish placing them!!


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