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Thursday, March 21, 2013

check ~ please

jam. box ~ check
musical cd's ~ check                  

6 a.m. breakfast ~ check
early morning snack ~ check
light lunch packed  ~ check
energy drink ~ check
zip-lock bag of ice ~ check
granny-smith apple ~ check
bottled water ~ check

plastic stakes ~ check
yellow layout cording ~ check
tape measure ~ check
small hand truck ~ check
yellow wheel barrow ~ check
127 gray curved blocks ~ check

So here you are: a look at the blocks I'm working with; how they lay and how I'll play the day.
I must be crazy, but I like the look.

eat the last apple ~ check
drink last bottled water ~ check
fall out in bed ~ check


  1. Check: That's looking good! And like those boulders with the lines running through them.

  2. Hey Dixie,

    Looks good. Be proud ~ check :)

    Gary :)

  3. Thanks Mike. Actually I used this photo to show what the blocks look like and how I was building my own wall. (My camera is defunct.)

    I like those boulders too but lifting is another story for another day... and a stronger person! My neighbor has a few, I welcome to have, but he's not moving them. They're very similar.

  4. Thanks Gary. Here again, as I was telling Mike... this was an example of what I'm doing.

    I apologise for leaving that note out of the post...


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