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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

During my absence... death stopped by... hello

It matters not ~ the attribute you leave behind. Is it something I need; something I can use; something that glorifies Creation? It matters not ~ it is enough that it remains, and makes me smile.

YOU! a role model of a tree standing tall imparting life to a young generation.
YOU! a fragile flower representing a calm nature I long to imitate.
YOU, two, made me smile ~

that tall tree

Like a tall tree standing ~ in the sun
Limbs lifted for nourishment
Tears from on high flow
New seeds sprout from down below
We give our love in fulfillment
To see our offspring standing tall ~ in the sun

buried at sea

This morning I closed my eyes imagining a scene at the beach. Flowers were floating along the foam; some caught by the undertow; some  in spaces of gentle waves; some moving outward into the large body of ocean. 

Such peacefulness... would I finally reach it? 

One by one as the flowers sank I felt sad at having to let them go. Would I swim out to re-gather them if I could? Silly me, a re-gather would bring back the sorrows with the joys. 

In my mind the flowers float on. So many flowers. So many years. So much pain. So much love. I can be as fragile as the ocean's foam, or as strong as its mightiest wave. 


  1. Let your thoughts caress with gentle moments. The ocean's foam, the mighty wave, the flowers that float away, all intertwined in your heart, your soul.

    Fragile you are yet you bend but do not break. Find yourself at the beach of dreams, where the sea and the sky embrace.

    In pawsitivity,


  2. Oh Penny! What a most wonderful, heart-melting comment. Thank you, and give that human a lick!!


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