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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Year's Revolution

Did I mean resolution? Revelation?  Restitution? Rasputin? Rumpelstiltskin?

No, the good ole eleventh-hour Congress has saved the Hill... Capitol Hill, that is. "Fiscal Cliff" be hanged. Let's call it a day and go out for a snowball fight. (Hey, watch that guy on the far right; I think he's packing a rock in the center.)

Then again this might be one of those "G-30" summit meetings. Give a shout out if there's someone you recognise from your hometown! (Takes an 'act' of congress to find out what those meetings are truly about.)

Thanks for reading. I had a polly-waddy political moment. It's over now. There you go!


  1. Hey Dixie,

    I had a bit of a 'revolution' on New Year's Eve. Somebody at the hospital told me to 'go spin' :)

    Ah so America avoids the 'Fecal', sorry, "Fiscal Cliff"..and the rest of the world is most relieved :)

    This was a paid political announcement by the "Raving Monster Lunatic Party" of Great Britain.

    See ya, eh.

    Gary :)

  2. I love that picture. Certainly does explain a lot.

  3. LOL! Somebody have a brownie?

    Congress is made up of turd-flinging baboons. They'll throw stuff at each other just to get ahead, instead of making progress for the American people.

    I'm glad to see this possibly being resolved for the time being but I think we'll see everyone there concentrate on their own welfare. business as usual.

    Take care, Dixie. Your special Toadie doll is on the way. Get ready for excitement! :)

  4. I suppose that if we want to live in a Democracy we have to accept that, sometimes, party politics takes precedence over doing good for the populace. Oh well, another year with no change then!
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  5. Gary, I think you got the message! :)

  6. Ah, Lost in Space.... you're not so 'lost' after-all. Picture's worth a thousand words, but I didn't have that many to share!!

  7. Gee Kelly, I love brownies; how'd you know?? "Turd flinging"... so that's their game? All this time I thought they were playing 'UNO'... ooh no!

    My very own 'Toadie doll'... ah, Kelly, you really shouldn't have... can't wait!!!

  8. Bazza! Try not to be too negative. This year they're wearing brown fur; last year was a milky white that showed all the dirt!
    Sadly, I concur.

  9. I'll have other Polly Wolly moments with you. I saw your comment on anther blog.


  10. Hey bikehikebabe! No one wants to pay me to complain, and I know I'm good at it!! Glad you visited :)


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