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Monday, January 7, 2013

dc's fireside chat

Oh, what profound thoughts can be thunk of in the presence of a glowing fireplace. I doth leap, and lop, and lope around within my brain. Each tiny blue flame exists as a reminder that life is anything but cold. Yes, the blueness of it seems cold, but just you put your hand within; $#^@!#!!q34urhhkk....(hot right?)

Glorious thoughts of a thousand sand flies storm into the face of dreaming. Like moths to a flame, they cling momentarily, go zit, zit, zit, and then no more. Good heavens I've forgotten the chocolate fondue. ~And~ I failed to close the fire screen; no sand flies tonight.  Their crunchy goodness brings childhood memories of chocolate covered ants. I simply didn't thunk this through. Ah, popcorn! Now we'll continue 'dc's fireside chat'.

Is it the comfort of the fire that provokes having a little snack. One of my favorite comfort foods is ice cream. Ice cream and a roaring fire equal, milkshake. A couple of more logs and we'll serve hot cocoa.

I must confess I never use pine logs; their sap kind of scares me. All that resin might set my fireplace on fire. It would certainly dampen the business of fireside chats; making this chat... one of one. So there's a profound thought.

There's a nice shiny glow on the walls' wood paneling. Easy to make shadow images... la, la, la,la, see the little finger point at you. It's a bird... no, it's a plane... no, it's a finger!! Wow, do profound thoughts encourage profound behavior? Thunk on that, and I'll return for another one of: 'dc's fireside chat'. (Oh, chocolate covered popcorn is outrageous. I may be sick.)

This is mostly a true story.


  1. How lovely to sit before an open fire, something I remember from when young. If I was lucky we would make toast from the flames or roast chestnuts at Christmas. Nowadays we have 'artificial' heat and it's definitely not the same. Happy memories.

  2. I really like log fires but they are scarce these days. I'm afraid we have a push-button artificial log gas fire which looks very convincing but it's not the same kind of heat somehow!
    Toasted crumpets are lovely next to the fire side. I don't think you have crumpets in the US. See
    Click here for Ginger’s owner, Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Sounds like you're having a wonder time beside your fireplace, Dixie. And I'm enjoying this surreal chat you are sharing with us, complete with zit zits, thoughts, fingers and birds.

    Yes, do be sure to keep your fire in it's place and not let it get out of hand or in your hand or join a band or even play in the sand if you can.

    Have you tried the special brownies, yet, with your hot chocolate? What a delicious combo that would be! You take care now, dear Dixie. You've really lit my thoughts on fire with this post.

    Ta ta,


  4. Ah dc,

    Always good to um keep a log of what's happening.

    Very descriptive and I have explained this 'pawsting' to my silly human. A very warm feeling, indeed.

    Was this in your 'blog' cabin? Arf! Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  5. Mike, I so agree. Surely I would miss the "snap, crackle, pop."

  6. Hi Bazza: Most of my neighbors use their fireplace. After that 80 foot tree fell in my yard, I gave away at least 12 truck-loads of wood! There's a good 30 feet left.

    Those crumpets look good. Might have to order some if I can't find them here. Thanks for making me drool.

  7. Hi-ho Kelly!
    I often wonder what I'll say. It's a regular "Waffle House" here... some days I'm scattered, covered and smothered.

    Nice poem: "...hand, band, sand, can."

    Brownies were recently voted one of the healthiest food items to consume; especially dark chocolate!

    Glad to hear something on this blog is firing up some one, LOL.

  8. Penny! Arf, arf, and cheerios old girl! I hope your's are meat flavored.

    "Keeping a log," you clever pup. Sure enough, chat #2 should arrive any day.

    Give Gary a high five paw, and a big lick.

  9. Hi Dixie,
    I do like a nice log fire, although as bazza says above, they seem to be quite a rarity these days. Watching the licking flames can be quite hypnotizing, and I think it was Francois Truffault, the French film maker, who said that people have always been watchers, and before film they watched fireplaces. Something like that, anyway!
    Very Best Wishes to you, Dixie, and thanks for your interest in both my blog and the Pathways Group site,

  10. Hi David: "Watching the licking flames.." whoa, wished I'd thunk that phrase up. It's so descriptive!

    Truffault? Of course, that was the name of the chocolate candies I consumed with the hot milk.

    And, Dave, there was that film about the cave people watching their shadows; do you remember that one?

    You're worth the support - I've learned so much. Best to you and Pathways, Dixie


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