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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bill discusses taxes

Hello, my name is Bill and I'm new at this posting stuff, however there's a message for most. Get comfy and I'll wait for your return, in say, one minute.

It's often uncomfortable discussing tax bills. I'm sent to distract most from outrageous hysterics. After all there are people waiting for your cheque/check.

Just for shoots & giggles... I'm a cockatiel, a crested Australian parrot. Someone kidnapped me and brought me here, to the land of freedom(?), but I don't pay taxes. Nope, no "Tax Bill" for me.

One of the most popular things to do is attached your bill to my cage. Every time you hear me pecking, 'tap, tap, tap,' you're reminded that the Tax bill is due.

Aw, the Mrs. is up so I'm going to fix her breakfast now. I suppose after last night she's feeling a bit taxed herself. Any way, pay those taxes so I can stop pecking on the paper bill.


  1. The thought of taxes sends a shiver down my spine. Good to hear a cockatiel's perspective on the subject.

  2. Ah tax bills. They certainly aren't in my pecking order. And before I get in a flap think about it...I shall flock off! :)

  3. I'm not showing off but I knew that was an Australian crested-cockatiel because I saw them when I was there in November!
    The best way to avoid taxes is not to have an income!
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  4. Hi Mike.
    I rescued Bill from 15 years of captivity; he didn't even know he could fly!

    At 19 years he passed. The last word he learned 2 days before his death was, "sweet".

    I always think of him at 'tax time' because of a crazy 'routine' we shared. Oh we had great times!!

  5. Wow, Bazza, wish I'd seen that!!
    No income... no property... :/

  6. I hope that cock of teal doesn't burn your bacon, Dixie. I wish my cats would fix me breakfast. Btw, I saw an Australian crested cockatiel, once, during our visit to the rain-forest zoo on the island of Hilo in Hawaii when we went in October. They seem to be pretty smart. And they're very pretty.

    Tap-tap-tap. Is that my cock of teal? No, it's just my hairy cat scraping at my door, wanting a kitty treat. For once, I wish it would fix me something to eat... beside Hairball Delight.

  7. Aw Kelly, talking to mine was like talking with a three year old. Bill had one more vocabulary!
    His favorite TV show was NCIS; loved "Abby". Would walk back and forth across the back of the couch saying, "Dear Abby," over and over again.
    I really had to watch my mouth :/


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