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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Thoughts & Stuff

My studio window faces my backyard. There is so much life there and I am blessed to see its existence.  Just last week an 8 point buck stared back at me for ten minutes. At the same time he watched his mate standing at my gazebo nibbling on hydrangea leaves. Beautiful creatures and I felt privileged to be allowed the view. One of those times I'm reminded to get my camera back on line.

Are you in awe of leaves that seem to change colors daily? Certainly this time of year finds me staring out the window to see what's new. Then there's the often copulating chipmunks. I can't help but notice when I'm watching the leaves fall like a snow storm. And when it's not them, there are squirrels doing the nature thing too. "Oh look, there's a purple leaf, and oh my goodness... is this the third time for that squirrel?" I'd almost think the leaves are blushing.

"Thanksgiving" is upon us and I want to stay home; travel and arm (injury) are not in sync yet. I'm one of those people who like to drive myself when I can on holidays. Then I don't find myself at the mercy of some one's time schedule. Are you like that?

As usual I'll watch the very early "Macy's Day Parade" live, from New York City. I'll still be listening for the phone to ring and hear my Mom say: "Hey did you see that float? You gotta see this float? Go look and call me back."  If the phone rings I know it won't be her, (being deceased some 15 years). But don't think that this gets me down or depressed; just the opposite as I realize those times are engraved upon my heart. No one can ever take them away.

Gee, on Friday is my birthday. I'm getting older. I'm thinking to visit the park nearby me and see how the trees there are looking. I hope the little red fox is still alive and living there. The best gift is downtime with nature for a companion. HB to me!

I do hope whatever you are doing this week or perhaps celebrating this week, you'll have joy, peace and love surrounding you.  Time to read more blogs. Many blessing wished to my blogging pals. Bye for now ~


  1. What a lovely post, such a view you must have from your studio especially with the visiting wildlife. I'm limited to birds and the occasional squirrel.

    The Autumn leaves are magnificent here in Cornwall with their shades of gold, brown and 'blushing'.

    Happy Birthday and lost of happiness for Friday. A positive thing about getting older is that we have lots of memories to dust down and enjoy.

  2. Oh gosh, that should be 'lots of happiness' - I don't want you to lose any!

  3. Hi Dixie,
    As Mike says above, you obviously have a lovely view from your studio. It's nice to watch nature ain't it (even copulating chipmunks!).
    But most of all, Dixie, a very happy birthday to you. I hope you have a wonderful time on Friday, and all your wishes come true.
    Very Best Wishes, your blogging pal,

  4. Hi Dixie,

    A posting full of joy and appreciation for the wonders of the world. Including copulating chipmunks :)

    I do so hope your Thanksgiving was a most happy and peaceful event. Of course, I knew it was your birthday on Friday and I send you kind, caring wishes that you have a lovely birthday.

    In peace, Gary

  5. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy Dixie!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you a lovely life, filled with amazing and passionate experiences. The lovely thought of your mom's call moved me to tears :). You are a lovely spirit :).

  6. Happy birthday!

    And I love that picture. It definitely reminds me of autumn and all the beauty in nature this time of year.

  7. Hi Mike.
    I should love to visit Cornwall... your blog is full of wonderful sights in and around there!
    I do treasure my view and am in the process of a photo-shoot to share this perspective of joy.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, and I certainly have the golden dustpan to collect memories!
    Mike, I appreciate you :)

  8. Mike, Friday held 'lots' of happiness; not to worry :)

  9. Hi David!
    I do hope the new career is pleasing you. Enjoyment of what we do is half the battle to accomplishing our goals.
    I didn't begin as a nature voyeur, but it has been thrust upon me via the very fact of my choice setting! At least that shall be my tale, and I'm sticking to it :)
    My birthday was a treasure with so many little surprises. Everyone should have a day this sweet.
    Thank you, David. Have a great week!

  10. Dear Gary... shh, mustn't leave out the happy squirrels! But yes, the chipmunks are in the ruling position at the moment :)
    Thanksgiving at brother Ben's was fun as all the kids were home. The only reason I changed my mind, not to stay home was due to 'command attendance'. Can you say, 'kidnapped' by kids??
    Thank you or the birthday wishes and your kindness :)

  11. Thank youuuuuuu, unikorna! You've left me a sweet and endearing compliment; coming from you, it is appreciated even more. I love reading the life experiences you share!

    Ironically after seven years of great mourning for my Mom, I began to really remember the best of what we shared.

    I have the last birthday card she gave me. On my day I put her's on the fireplace mantle with the current year's cards. May sound silly, but I love it!

    Enjoy your week, my friend. :)

  12. Lost in space, thank you for visiting me. That pic of flashing leaves mesmerized me. The deep-in-thought look on the female face; 'what was she thinking?'

    I simply love your poem,
    "Untitled" from May 2012. Additionally you artwork is profound and I hope you have a wide audience to share it with. Love it!

    Thank you for the birthday wish!

  13. Hi Dixie! Happy Birthday YOu!! I'm glad you're doing better but it sounds like a tough time again lately. Congrats on the loving thoughts. I miss my MOm too especially aroung this time of year. My birthday is Christmas and she tried to make it special since I couldn't have a party. I'm back in school now so not blogging much but thinking of you. Take care and celebrate. You deserve it. Big hugs!

  14. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday, Dixie! This is what happens when you're late to the part dang it. It kinda sucks knowing you're getting older- but I think it might be worth it- most of the time, you're getting wiser along the way and appreciate the little (yet huge) things in life- like the changing color of the leaves.

    I'm completely on board with you about that! I love walking out in the woods or visiting the parks around here. It's like heaven on earth.


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