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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dwelling:  as in a habitat or residence... and dwelling: to ponder or focus one's attention on a subject. Therefore it was quite interesting to find I was dwelling on my dwelling. I'm not unique in this, no certainly not, but the solutions to my dwelling needs took some serious dwelling time to find what I needed... to dwell in peace.

Within two weeks I've been sent two roommates! You know me and my mantra: "God supplies all my needs." The Creator and I had had a couple of conversations about how I could show more love toward the people in my community. I didn't hear any voices... didn't see any burning bushes... but still I felt my Creator had the best answer. Oh sure I was getting a bit angry because I thought it was taking too long to find any solutions... I'm human and my will wants even when it's not time to receive. I think most people lose patience at times too, just like me.

The first roommate arrived and had a limited cash flow. She's a student and relies on a scholarship. So we agreed to subsidize her rent funds with household chores and food stamps. A great pairing of ideas and a peaceful existence has been found for both of us.

The second roommate is a young male who plays in a band and needs quiet time during the day to sleep. He was able to offer the complete cash flow needed. He also receives free laundry and food. After a week here he says he is quite happy.

So all my dwelling led to the acceptance of other people dwelling here. I had complete cable television and internet put in all rooms. Everyone uses the same laundry shoot; clothes are delivered back to their rooms within a day. Most importantly I find I have love for these two people and am very glad they came my way; and they think they are the lucky ones!

That's what has been happening behind the scenes at my dwelling. Have you been dwelling on something that needs a solution?


  1. Hey Dixie!

    Aha, this posting certainly 'abodes' well for you and all concerned. You have reminded me that 'cottage' cheese is not made out of a cottage. Or that a duplex is called a "semi-detached" in iil' ol' Britain.

    You have worked out a happy compromise for both those roommates. This is a most positive outcome and I rejoice in the knowledge you are keeping such good company.

    I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that all my positive work has been attacked recently by very negative forces. Thankfully, reading your upbeat post, I have a better focus for a better future.

    I am grateful to you, Dixie. Thanks for this.

    Your friend, Gary :)

  2. My friend, Gary.

    Feel free to visit for a holiday. There are still two rooms for guests or other on the upper level.

    I agree... life is too short to dwell on negative stuff. Rent a movie, order pizza, invite a mate over... share the laughs. You're a great man; shake off the buggaboos and do some kinky conga!! You remember how, don't you??!

  3. Hi Dixie,
    It sounds as if you've found a great solution to your dwellings on your dwelling. I hope things work out well for all, and it sounds like they are.
    As for me, I've just started a new part-time job (voluntary at first) which involves publishing and writing indexes. I'm just starting to learn a lot of new stuff, then, so I've been dwelling on that. And it's a constructive, happy sort of dwelling.
    Take care, Dixie,
    Very Best Wishes from your blogging pal,

  4. Dwelling on the right things brings benefits to all concerned as you have shown. Sounds like your dwelling will be full of love and friendship. Long may it continue.

  5. That seems like an amazing opportunity to clear your mind, and make new plans...We all could use such an amazing occasion. I wish you good luck and let us know how it goes :).

  6. Dear Blogging pal, David,

    Great to hear things are progressing the way you desire them to. With your last 2-3 postings, I've been dwelling on a positive outcome to come your way. I hope your 'employer' realizes the real treasure of your talents.

    Please keep me abreast of the things happening with you. Sending the most positive wishes and thoughts your way!

    Dixie :)

  7. Hi Mike.
    Reading your site had given me a strange inspiration to try something different; the 'alone-I-can-do-all-things' just wasn't working. It does take a certain amount of teamwork - getting out of my head and seeking the thoughts and solutions from others' experiences.

    I appreciate what your story brings to this world. Often when I read you, the "Aha" moment awakens my need to dwell. Thanks so much.

  8. Hello unikorna!

    Actually it was a moment of giving up that led to the big 'dwell-off'. Yep, nothing I did helped me consistently. Life is usually a big merry go round, yet in my case, it wasn't taking a break. Somebody stop the world and let me jump off!!!

    Then a friend came by and gave me some choco-brownie type cookies... magically delicious I suppose. I ate them all, went into a deep sleep and dwell ~

    Thank you; sending cookies and kisses!

  9. Hi there, Dixie,

    I'm happy to hear you're getting some roommates. That should help you out, financially. Your prayers have been answered. It's hard for me to be patient, quite often. I rely so much on myself that when I need hep and it has to involve other people- it's kinda like rolling the dice and waiting for them to stop rolling and to reach a conclusion, if you know what I mean.

    Take care, Dixie1 Have a great weekend!

  10. Hey, thanks Kelly.

    Sure thing, I have zero tolerance for unsolved dilemmas; I suppose we're about equal when it involves a pucker factor! A good problem which I'm useless to solve gives me a case of the bends... if I know what you mean.

    Yep. ironing out a few bugs then on to finding roommate #3...uh-huh; I feel a Ralphie May moment... "oh hell yea!!"

    One day I stood in the middle of my studio... oh well... might as well blog it for all. Yes, prayers are good!

    Take care Kelly... and thanks so much.

  11. I used to have two college roommates until I got married. Everything also worked out well. Actually one of the roommates introduced a really nice girl to me and she is now my wife.

    I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


  12. Paul, such a sweet story on how you met your wife. I don't suspect my roommates to do that for me... but you never know.

    Wishing you joy, peace and love, for Thanksgiving and every day.


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